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Know Our India- Shopping in India

India is fast turning into shopper's paradise. India is now a good blend of the old and the modern. It is reflected in the shopping scene in India. India has been world famous for its Know Our India- Shopping in Indiahandicrafts and other hand made stuffs. The shopping has been mainly based in India on the skills of the craftsmen. People from abroad largely attracted with this and shop for the hand made artistic products. India made silk, Jewellery, silverware; leather products, antiques and other products are very attractive and unique. All these products make India a shopper's paradise. Letís see what unique things which India offers for shoppers-

Fabrics- Fabrics are one of the major industries in India. The silk, the woolen and cotton are world famous. The famous centers for these products are Varanasi, Murshidabad, Kanchipuram, Patna etc. The designs from Rajasthan are very colorful therefore they are very attractive. Kashmir in India is famous for its woolen. These can be found in the major cities of India as well. They can be found in the ubiquitous malls spread over in all major Indian cities.

Jewellery- India can be a great place to buy Jewellery. There are ubiquitous Jewellery shops in all the major cities in India. The malls in the cities also have good shops who offer exquisite Jewellery. The Indian State of Rajasthan is very famous for Jewellery design. The Rajasthan Jewellery is very elaborate. India is also known for gems, diamonds, pearls and other precious stones. All these are wonderfully transformed in exquisite Jewellery. Women especially would love to shop for Jewellery in India.

Antiques- India are also a very good place to buy antiques. One of the unique features of Indian shopping is the bargaining that takes place during shopping. A person who is good in bargaining will buy on lesser price than the person who is not good at bargaining.

Know Our India- Shopping in India Generally foreigners end up paying much more than an Indian buyer because they do not bargain and prices told to them are much higher than the actual price of the product.

Emergence of malls in India- Shopping has become much easier and a pleasure because of the malls which are everywhere now in the major cities in India. You can easily buy an antique, a painting, Jewellery or fabrics in these malls. Malls source and store different kind of products which an Indian shopper as well as a foreigner can purchase.

There is a Grey market also in each of the major Indian cities where you can find a product much cheaper than the price you will get in a store. There are distinct places where these markets are organized. You can research a bit on theses markets and buy premium quality products on much lesser price.