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Ranakpur Jain Temple Rajasthan, Ranakpur Jain Temple India
Ranakpur Jain Temple: Ranakpur temples are located in the Pali district in the state of Rajasthan. The temples were built by Seth Dharna Shah who was a prominent Jain businessman. He was helped by Rana Kumbha, the king in that area at that time. The king insisted that the temples must be named after him. Therefore these temples are given name “Ranakpur temples”. The temples of Ranakpur are famous for their brilliant architecture. The temples attract Jain pilgrims from world over as it is a renowned Jain pilgrim site. Ranakpur temples are well connected from all parts of Rajasthan by rail and by roads.

The architectural beauty of the Ranakpur temples: The temples are renowned for its great architectural design. The intricate design of the temples is worth of high praise. It shows the high skills of the artisans who created it. The prominent temple existing there is the 'Chaumukha temple' or the four faced temple occupies 60x62 meters and it is made in light marble. There are 1444 marble pillars which support the temple. It rises from the slope of a hill and it has majestic shikhras. One very important fact about the pillars is that no pillar is similar to the other. Each pillar has its own unique design. The other notable aspect of the temple is that each statue faces some other statue. There is a special carving in this temple. There is a structure made out of a single rock. It displays 108 snake heads and it has a number of tails. The temple faces all the four directions which signify Trithankara's conquest of all four directions. The temple is spread in an area of 48000 square feet. Two other temples existing in the complex also attracts the attention of the visitors. The first one is the Parshvanath temple and the other one is devoted to the Sun God.

The importance of the temple: The temple is the most important Jain temple. The Jain pilgrims visit the temple from world over. The temple has a great religious significance. In the 'Chaumukha' temple the four faced statue of the Lord Adinath, the first Jain Trithankara is situated. The four faced structure has a religious significance as it suggests that the Lord had conquered all the four cardinal directions.

Tourism: Ranakpur temples are among the five major Jain pilgrimage site. It is the biggest Jain temple. The temples of Ranakpur attract people from India and other countries. The Jains visit the temple in large numbers.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is at Udaipur, located at a distance of 110 kilometers. Any one can easily reach Ranakpur Temples by taking regular Buses or by hiring Taxis from anywhere in Rajasthan.

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