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Khatu Shyamji Temple, Khatu Shyamji Temple Rajasthan
Khatu Shyamji Temple: There are numerous devotees all over the year world-wide, who visit the KhatuShamji temple. It is located in the Sikar, a district in Jaipur. The temple gains a load of significance at the time when there is held a fair in Rajasthan, known as KhatuShyamji Fair. Thousands of people from different corners of the world travel the fair which lasts from the Phalgun Sudi Dashmi to Dwadashi and it has attracted disciples in huge numbers every year. Khatu Shyamji Temple is an important pilgrimage site in Rajasthan. However it is more popular for the annual fair that takes in the month of either February or March.
This glorious Rajasthan fair casually lasts for three days and is generally held in February and March.

The fair is another characteristic of Indian tradition in vivacity, throng and resplendence. The Khatu Shyamji Fair consist many beautifully decorated shops, various kinds of Nataks (dramas) of fictions, and the sweet treats for everyone. The fair gives a common platform for the devotees to acknowledge the conventional traditions of Indian culture. The fair also keeps joy rides for the children and give them a reason to visit and enjoy the fair every year.

There is a legendary story connected in the establishment of the temple which goes back to the times of Mahabharata. The Mahabharata war was about to start when the grandson of Pandavas, Barbarik (Babhruvahan) pleaded Lord Krishna to let him take part in the war of Mahabharata from their side. Lord Krishna became a Brahmin and took his test. He asked him to sacrifice his head. Barbarik chopped his head off the body in a few next minutes. Lord Krishna was very impressed and gave him two boons: one that he will be able to view the complete war from the hill top where his head is placed; and secondly that he will be worshipped as Shyamji(i.e. Lord Krishna) himself gave him his name in the Kalyug period of time.

The Shyamji temple has a huge faith amongst its devotees. Apart from the temple, there is a most famous ceremony known as ‘Jadula Ceremony’ in which young children donate their hairs for the first time.

The architect of the temple is resplendent. It is made up of beautiful white marble which stands amidst the acme of the sacred place Sikar, which evidenced the battle of Kurukshetra (Mahabharata). The design of the shutter of ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’ is finely and nicely covered with a silver colored sheet. Outside stands a prayer hall which is named as Jagmohan. The walls of the hall are beautifully painted and portray the fabled scenes over them.

How to Reach: it is made very easy for the tourists and devotees to reach the temple via nearest railhead, about 17 km from the temple, the Ringas Junction Railway Station.

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