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India has rightly been called Incredible. There is something mystical about this land, and India is one place that should be in your list of must-visits, because it is seldom that you get to see the old times, which date back to the Indus Valley Civilization which dates back to 5000 B.C. and run upto the rule of the British, who left India in the year of 1947, and the new times, where India is an IT hub, flanked by the power of knowledge and technology on one side, and the power of rich and dynamic industrialists on the other side, and where India is poised to become a superpower, blended seamlessly into each other. Here, you’ll see how people accept the new modern times while conserving the values of the past as their legacy. Here, you’ll see the history of India embedded into forts, temples, monuments, ancient scriptures, and yet you’ll be fascinated by the future this country has. Here you’ll see what you seldom see anywhere else in the world- Unity in Diversity.

India is the world’s biggest democracy, with the country being divided into 28 states, and 6 union territories. There is a central government, and separate state governments, all chosen by the people. All the states in India are hubs of culture and tradition, and offer virtually unlimited places to explore, and things to do.

As the sun rises in east, the west still remains in the regime of darkness while the middle of state anticipates dawn to give way to the bright morning. While Himalayas at the top admire the country, acting as a wall to both physical and climatic disturbances, the southernmost tip is swept by three water bodies, making India as one the gigantic mass of land on the planet Earth.

Beautiful natural landscapes, highest mountain range in the world, excellent beaches, and rivers among the largest in the world, and dense forests, with a lot of flora and fauna which is rarely found anywhere else in the world. This gift of India is all yours to explore and enjoy. India is a bio-diversity hub also. On your tourism platter, the varieties will range from the snow-clad Himalayan peaks where you can be on top of the world, to the national reserves where you can rub your backs with rhinos and the royal Bengal tigers (!), to the beaches where you can revel with the surf, to the dense forests where you can have amazing camping experiences.

The country provides a great diversity in cultures and languages because of its vast extent. Being the land of more than 1500 languages, every culture celebrates its own folk dances and festivals, most of them owing to the reaped crops, as agriculture is the most common occupation. The sub continental state’s most of the languages are drawn from Sanskrit, which is also considered as the origin of other foreign languages. Every state in country has its own official language, the official language of country being ‘Hindi’.

The rich culture of India has a lot of festivals to offer. You’ll be overjoyed on seeing the colorful Holi, the bright Diwali, the happy Id, and the merry Christmas. All festivals in India are celebrated in a religious fervor. India is a land of languages. As an estimate, 325 languages are spoken in India, and there is a different dialect every 10 km. Indian cuisines are world famous, and so is the old Indian medicinal system – the ayurveda. You can relax and rejuvenate at many of the country’s natural spas.

The other side of India – the modern side, has seen India growing at stupefying rate. Heavy industry projects, IT firms, rising agriculture has propelled Indian economy to a top few. The IIT’s and IIM’s have been producing entrepreneurs who are globally endorsed. Indian doctors are among the most qualified in the world. You’ll find an amazing vibrancy in the Indian air. The Indian government has paid the right attention to all the seekers of a culturally-rich India. There are high-end hotels like Hyatt, Oberoi and the Sheratons which offer the ultimate experience in Indian hospitality. There is also a plurality of budget hotels throughout the country. A vast network of highways, the largest rail-road system in the world, and excellent air connectivity make getting around easy.

Its lot to talk about this nation and all just can’t be imagined. You need to visit if you truly wish to adore the culture, cuisines, dances and festivals of the nation. It’s a treat to joy because Indians respect their guests, whom they consider as another form of God.

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