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Tulsi Vivah, Tulsi Vivah Festivals, Tulsi Vivah Festival in 2012
Tulsi Vivah: Tulsi is a very sacred plant for Hindus. Tulsi worship is very auspicious. One who performs Tulsi worship gets rid of all the sins. Tulsi Vivah took place on the 11th day in the month of Kartik according to the Hindu calendar. The festival has a lot of religious significance.

The legend: Vrinda was the name of Tulsi in her earlier birth. She was the daughter of Nemi. Nemi was a giant demon. Vrinda was married to a giant demon named Jalandhar. Jalandhar was born in water therefore he asked Vishnu to give him control over the ocean. Vishnu denied Jalandhar his demand. Jalandhar waged a war against the Gods to claim the ocean. Jalandhar was very powerful. He had a boon. He could not die till his wife Vrinda remained chaste.
Vrinda remained chaste. As a result it was necessary to attack the chastity of Vrinda in order to kill the giant Jalandhar. For this cause, Vishnu played a deceit. He came to Vrinda and disguised as Jalandhar. Vrinda came to know about the fact and she turned Vishnu into a black stone named Shaaligram. Vishnu was pleased with the chastity of Vrinda and married her in form of Shaaligram in next birth of Vrinda which was in form of Tulsi. From that time, Tulsi is married to Vishnu every year on Ekadashi in the month of Kartik.

Here are how the Vivaha is performed-
  • Her pot is dressed in a skirt which is red, the branches can be adorned in red bangles, bindis and Kumkum. A Haldi root can be used as a mangal sutra.
  • The kanyadan is performed by the father, the groom is honored. A red thread is tied on the hands of Shaligram and Tulsi.
  • Put garland on the Tulsi plant and the idol of Shaligram, exchange the garland three times.
  • After that sindur dan is done.
  • After this mangal sutra is tied on the neck of Tulsi.
  • After this Vastra Vandhanam and Laja homa is performed
Religious significance: All Hindu women perform Tulsi Puja on Ekadashi. They assume that Lord Krishna will be present on this day. A mock marriage of Shaaligram and Tulsi is also performed on the day. A person also preforms the Kanyadan of Tulsi. This act is considered extremely good as performing Kanyadan is highly significant. From this day the annual marriage season of the Hindus starts.

Tulsi Vivah Festival Date: in November 2012

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