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Raksha Bandhan Festival in 2012, Raksha Bandhan India
Raksha Bandhan: The celebration of Raksha Bandhan is experimental on the complete moon day of Shravan which comes in ending of July or starting of August. In Raksha Bandhan the word ‘Raksha’ stands for protection. On this promising day girls and women tie a talisman like band round the right hand wrists of their brothers like a symbol of fortification against malevolence during the consequent year. This thread or band is called ‘Rakhi’ and is made of a few colourful strand or silk warped threads or threads of silver or gold. The brothers present their sisters gifts of clothes, money and additional
precious things in return. Sisters nourish their brothers with dry fruits, sweets and other slenderness on this instance. Brahmins and Priests as well tie this sort of thread about the wrists of the right hands of their patrons and get gifts. They narrate a mantra or a petrified formula while doing this so to indict the band with the supremacy of shield.

Yen baddho Bali raja Danavendro Mahabalah,
Ten tvam Pratibandhanami rakshe ma chal ma chal.

The band stimulating with the supremacy of the mantra shelters the wearer from each and every likely evil. In Hindu scripture Sachi, the wife of Indra, the God of heaven, attached such a mantra stimulating thread round the right wrist of her companion when he was shamed in the combat by the fiend forces. Indra once more battled and achieved a persuasive conquest over the evil spirits, and recovered his gone capital Amaravati. The blessed good luck charm assisted him in beating the opponent. Raksha Bandhan Festival
In South part of India, it is renowned with the name as ‘Avani Avittam’. The holy thread called Upanayan there is distorted and libation of water is presented to the relatives and Brahmins on this time. The new band is worshipped with turmeric and saffron paste before wearisome and the previous one is redundant in the water of a pond, a reservoir or a river. This day is particularly important for a Brahmin boy who has freshly been devoted with an upanayan or rakhi. It prompts him of the splendor and consequence of religious conviction.

Coconuts are presented to the sea God Varuna on this juncture in Mumbai. Swap over sweets, going to the friends and relatives, setting up of fairs, transfering the ‘Rakhis’ by courier to brothers living at distant off places, and recalling the Gurus and Rishis, whom we are, grateful, to for their leadership and religious acquaintance, are other things to see of this festival.

Raksha Bandhan/ Rakhi: Saturday, 13th August 2012.

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