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Navratri Puja, Navratri in 2012
Navratri - The Longest Festival Celebrated with Lights and Joy.
The word Navratri is made up of two words which are Nav and Ratri. The word nav means nine and the word ratri means night. Thus the word Navratri straightaway means nine nights. There are number of legends that are attached to the formation of Navratri like number of other Indian festivals. As all the festivals are related to the Power of the god and goddess so do the festival of Navratri. This festival is basically on the power of the Hindu Goddess.
In the Hindu calendar this festival is the most celebrated festival, for the
the most celebrated festival, for the people of Gujarat and Bengal this festival has most important significance and one can find it in the passion or enthusiasm and eagerness of these people with which they include or indulge themselves in the activities of this festival. Garba Rass and Dandiya are considered as the highlights of the Navratri festival in the city of Gujarat, while the farmers of the city sow new seeds and do worship in order to offer thanks, respect and love to Goddess for all her blessings and also they pray for best yield amongst all years. In the ancient times the festival of Navratri was associated with the fertility of our Mother Earth who actually feed us and our children as her children.

The very first days of the Navratri are dedicated to the Warrior Goddess who is popularly known as Goddess Durga. She is dressed in red and black clothes resting on the lion or one can say her idol is mounted on a lion. There are various incarnations of Maa Durga which are Parvati, Kali and Kumarii are also worshiped with respect and joy these days.
Basically three incarnations of Maa Durga depicts the three different classes of the womanhood which includes the child, a young girl and a mature woman. The very next three days are dedicated to Maa or Goddess Lakshmi who is considered as
Navratri Puja
goddess of light, beauty, prosperity and wealth. She is dressed in pretty red dress wearing number of beautiful ornaments made up of gold and sitting on owl. The last three days are dedicated to the Goddess Saraswati who is considered as the Goddess of knowledge. She is dressed in milky white and sitting on swan which is white in color.

Navratri Puja in 2012: Wednesday, 28 September (Navratri Start).

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