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Kali Puja, Kali Puja in 2012, Kali Maa Puja
Maa Kali symbolizes power. She destroys all the evil forces in the world. She is the first avatar of Devi Durga. Maa Kali is a symbol of shakti (Power). She is shown as very ferocious. She is shown as her feet on the chest of God Shiva and she wears a garland of skulls. People worship Kali to destroy all the evil existing in outside world as well as within the human mind. She represents an eternal force who is there to destroy all the evil existing in the world. Some of the famous Kali temples are Dakshineshwara temple, Kalighat temple, Kamakhya temple and Tarapith temple.
Kali Puja in Bengal: Kali Puja is a very popular festival in Bengal and it is celebrated after the Durga Puja. There is a lot of enthusiasm to celebrate this festival. People enjoy it whole heartedly
. It is the second most popular festival after the Durga Puja. The houses give a colorful look and people celebrate it with bursting crackers.

Kali has various forms like Shyama, Tara maa, Adya maa and Dakshina Kalika. Maa Kali is represented as very fierce. She is the fiercest among all deities. Her entire complexion is black. She has a sword in one of her hands which symbolizes knowledge, She has caught a demon's head (which symbolizes human ego and which must be destroyed) in her other hand while other two hands are blessing her devotees. Her entire complexion arouses fear.

The Legend of Kali: In ancient times, there were two demons named Shambhu and Nishambhu who disturbed the peace of Lord Indra. He was not able to defeat them despite waging several wars. Being pestered he went to God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. They sought the protection of Devi Durga. Maa. Kali was born from the brow of Devi Durga. She destroyed the demons with the help of two escorts named Dakini and Jogini. She became so ferocious that she destroyed everyone who came in her way. Gods became very fearful seeing the ferocity of Maa Kali. Seeing her ferocity, God Shiva put himself on her way, her feet came on the chest of God Shiva. Maa Kali is generally portrayed like that.

Kali Puja Celebrations: The Kali Pooja is celebrated with great pomp and show. It is very similar to the Durga Puja. The houses are decorated lavishly. There are rangolis drawn in front of the houses. As she is the destroyer goddess, therefore she is asked to destroy all the evil existing in the world.

Kali Puja Festival Date : Tuesday, 13 November 2012.

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