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Indian Festivals, Festival of India
Indian Festivals: The Hindu rituals, fasts, Festivals, sanctified baths and the ceremony of holy days are piece and package of the immense cultural tradition of India. They are sacred, social and a grand source of religious and ethical fortification. These traditions are surplus what they seem to be. They are fundamentally an approach of thinking and living during survival and by itself bring their complete right to abide on the people and the humanity.
Indian festivals are generally differentiated by abstaining, prayer, ablutions, worship, austerities, vigils, vows, offering to the Gods and sanctified men and such additional
behaviors of pity and devotion. Indian festival is in fact something above a ‘festival’.
It is therapeutic in temperament and the same as a way of sanitization fortifies the strength within. Their goal is to find gratification out of repudiation and abstemiousness. The festivals are numerous and frequent, but basically religious, psychological and connected with the change of seasons, though many of them have lost the history of their origin in the mists of the hoary past.
There are numerous ways to accomplish escape and religious development. Bhakti or dedication is one more path, which is much more straightforward, soft and exposed to the masses. Bhakti is anchored in and enthused by both reverence and love towards the entity of dedication – God. A follower desires for the heavenly elegance and so as to accomplish it, pampers in reverence, chanting, prayer of his names, admiring of his magnificence, abstaining and a lot of such sacrament observances.
Fasting helps improve concentration and contemplation; overcoming the passions; controlling the senses and overhauling our various body systems. Fasting, as a means of spiritual development, purification and self discipline has been a time honoured religious practice since time immemorial. It provides rest and relaxation to the digestive system and opens new avenues of growth through the realization of spiritual energy. Fasting kills the disease, reduces the deficiency and nourishes the aspirant.
Festival of India
Indian Festival

Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Navratra / Durga Puja, Deepawali etc. are some of famous Indian festivals. For the list of Indian festivals and details, please click here.

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