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Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, Gandhi Jayanti in India, Gandhi Jayanti Celebration
Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on the 2nd of October every year on the birth day of the father of the nation, Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi. Popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi, he was born on the 2nd of October, 1869 at Porbandar in Gujarat. Mahatma Gandhi studied in UK and then went to South Africa to practice as a lawyer. He had a good career in South Africa but at the same time he loved his country immensely. He returned to India to participate in the freedom struggle.
Mahatma Gandhi was the architect of the Indian freedom movement. He gave a special way to fight called “ahimsa” or non-violence. Gandhi
used this weapon to end the 200 year old rule of Britishers. Gandhi was a great believer in truth and non-violence.

His ways of life were very simple. What he achieved through simple means is incredible. He was always very close to the masses. He preached to the world that by using non violent means, one can achieve victory.

Gandhi's preachings are great lessons to the world where weapons of mass destruction exists and the world can be brought to an end within a second. His preachings have become even more relevant in the present day world.
Celebrations: The Gandhi Jayanti is highly significant. Prayer services are held all over India on this day. People gather to pay their tributes on the Raj Ghat in New Delhi. All the political leaders pay their tribute to the father of the nation on his birth day and try to imbibe his teachings. Mass prayers are organized. Various kind of ceremonies are organized in
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
the schools and colleges. Religious prayers are also organized on the day as Gandhi was a man who loved all the religions.
Gandhiji was killed by Nathu Ran Godse while he was coming back after attending a prayer. Many a people are surprised at the fact that how a lean man can play the protagonist to help a nation attain its freedom. Gandhi was a very simple man but was an ethical man. His teachings will be remembered till a long time to come.

Gandhi Jayanti - 2nd October (Every Year)

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