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Festival of India- Anant Chaturthi in 2012
The festival of Anant Chaturthi is celebrated on the final day of the Ganesha Festival. On the tenth day after the Ganesh Chaturthi, that is the fourteenth day of Bhadrapada. Bhadrapada is the sixth month of the year according to the Hindu calendar. The Festival is mainly celebrated in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. On this occasion the deity of Ganesha are immersed in a pond, river or sea. The festival is celebrated with a lot of fervor and enthusiasm. There are songs and dances devoted to the lord. The whole procession is lively with a lot of colour. People cheer with slogan “Ganpati bappa morya, agle baras tu jaldi aa”.

There is a story behind celebrating Anant Chaturthi. Sumant, a Brahmin had a daughter named Sushila. Subsequent to the decease of Diksha, the mother of Sushila, he married Karkash. Karkash did not treat Sushila well.
She was being given lots of trouble by her. Sushila got wedded to Kaundinya later on. To keep away from the annoyance created by her mother, she left with Kaundinya. On the horizon Kaundinya moved for a bath in a river. Sushila in the meanwhile found some women worshiping “Anant”. She also joined the group and was extremely inquisitive to identify as to the grounds of worship. The women elucidated to Sushila that God Anant brings wealth and happiness. The worship has to be done for a period of fourteen years. Sushila then decided to worship the God. She tied an Anant string on the left hand and took a vow to worship the God for fourteen years. The worship brought a lot of wealth and happiness to Kaundinya and Sushila. Once, Kaundinya saw the string on the left side of Sushila. He asked her about it and came to know about the Anant promise. He was extremely displeased to hear when she argued that the wealth came to them because of the Anant vow. He thought that it was because of his hard work that they had turn out to be wealthy. He threw the string in fire.

Subsequent to this event, the couple once again became very poor. Kaundinya understood the value of the string and went for penance in a forest. He searched for God Anant. But God Anant never gave his appearance to Kaundinya. He asked trees and cows for God Anant but always got a pessimistic reply. Out of frustration, he thought of hanging himself. When he was preparing to suspend himself, God Anant emerged in form of a Brahmin. He asked Kaundinya to take the Anant vow for fourteen years. Anant is the same. Slowly the wealth of Kaundinya and Sushila came back and they were happy once again.

Anant Chaturthi is one of the most awaited occasions in Mumbai. People worship lord Ganesha and take to river, sea or ponds to immerse the idol it’s also a great occasion otherwise. On this occasion free medical check ups, blood donation camp, charity to poor etc. are done.

Anant Chaturthi : Monday, 12 September 2012

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