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Amarnath Yatra, Amarnath Temple Tour in 2012
One of the mainly imperative events in July ending or August starting is Amarnath Yatra to the sacred Pilgrimage. This is a yearly occasion when a lot of Hindus from diverse parts of the world trip Amarnath caverns. The pilgrims hike from Pahalgam to these fissures and reverence the grand ice Lingam.
Myth has it that Shiva narrated to Parvati the furtive of formation in a cavern in Amarnath. Unidentified to them, a couple of mating doves overhear something on this banter and having erudite the undisclosed, are reborn repeatedly, and have prepared the cave their everlasting residence. A lot of pilgrims account
seeing the doves pair while they walk the ardors path to pay curtsy previous to the ice lingam which is the phallic sign of Shiva.

This is an occasion you surely will talk concerning for the rest of your being.

Most probably July is occasion for the yearly Amarnath Yatra one of the mainly holy and trendy pilgrimages to the sacred snow clothed cave temple of Lord Shiva in the striking northern Indian city of J&K. Out of all Hindu pilgrimages this Amarnath is located at an height of 3,880m in the southern J&K Himalayas is well thought-out one of the most sanctified place. Visiting at the hallowed Cave is usually release from near the beginning of July which is a period of Ashad Purnima to early August which is the period of Sharvan Purnima. During 2001, the pilgrimage on track on July 4, as well Amarnath Yatra India
as in its initial week got more than 11,000 pilgrims for the visit of the unsurprisingly shaped ice Shiva Lingam next to the sacred cavern temple, consistent with official records. Since July 1 onwards, 3,500 pilgrims start out daily from the foot camp in J&K to Amarnath. The journey or pilgrimage that time accomplished on August 4, the date of the Raksha Bandhan festival.


  • In the chair of Lord Amarnath a Shiva lingam gets created of ice each year. To reverence this wonderful Lord Shiva natives from different parts gather here. The dwelling is unlocked merely for a month in a year. The shravan month (roughly August) complete moon is measured especially favorable.
  • The additional lingam that is created near the chief altar is well thought-out to be divinity Parvati.
  • The complete trail to the Lord Shiva’s cave is remarkable exquisiteness. The entire scenery around emerge as the residence of the Lord, the Great!

Amarnath Yatra will be start in August 2012.

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