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India presents a complex situation in terms of education. On the one hand India has one of the largest numbers of engineers and doctors in the world; On the other hand, India has also the dubious distinction of having one of the largest numbers of illiterates in the world. The government has taken a lot of measures to improve the primary education as well as the adult education in the country.
The primary education in India has improved a lot as a result of the measures taken by the government. Now two thirds of the population in India is literate which is a significant increase in the percentage from ten years back. Government has taken measures like 'free lunch' program in schools to increase the attendance level in schools and has been successful as well.

Education has been important to India and it can be cited as a reason for better economic condition of the country as well as the significant growth in the recent times. Knowledge based industries like KPOs and BPOs earn significant revenue and has been a huge employment provider in the urban areas in India. India's Information technology has been a major contributor in the growth of Indian economy. Companies like Infosys and TCS are now world renowned companies in the world. These companies have world wide clients. One of the major reasons for growth in the education sector can be contributed to the private institutes, schools and colleges in India. The private educations institutes in India are evolving as a formidable industry.

There has been a significant increase in numbers of the educated people in India but India continues to face many challenges. Still a huge chunk of population, around 500 million people in India are still illiterate. The drop out rates are also significant, Most of the students (mostly coming from the poorer classes) leave the school as soon as they reach standard fifth, eighth or the high school level. Still there is a huge gap in the number of teachers available compared to the numbers required. There is a need to invest in the sector as well as to monitor the whole system so that it functions in a proper way. The quality of education is also an issue. The rich are able to afford quality education but the poor study in government schools which does not have proper infrastructure and teachers.

But over all we can say that there has been a significant growth in the education sector. A few of the universities in India are renowned world over for providing top notch professionals. They are The Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institute of Management, Indian School of Science, Jawahar Lal Nehru University, All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Indian School of Business. Many private players are also providing quality of education but they are out of reach for most of the Indians as they are very costly.

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