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About Nalanda University India, Nalanda International University
Nalanda University Bihar: It is one of the most ancient places of learning. It is located at a distance of 62 kilometers from Bodhgaya and 90 kilometers from the southern region of Patna. Nalanda is revered for the education that it imparted to the Buddhists during 5th to 12th century. The town of Nalanda was known for its prosperity.
The town of Nalanda as built by the ruling Gupta Dynasty. Nalanda was recorded to have 1500 teachers and 10,000 monks. Hiuen Tsang was the one was recorded the statistics. The residential University of Nalanda was famous for its strict code of conduct as far as education and high morals were concerned.
Moreover, the University of Nalanda was known to take proper care of its students as well along with the accommodation facilities, food, and medicines.

After the site of Nalanda had been excavated it has revealed large ovens meant for cooking for a large number of students served in the community mess. The relationship between the student and the teachers was based on respect and reverence. The curriculum of the course was based on debates, arguments and discussions on the part of the students who were under the guidance of respective teachers. It was not a complete book based curriculum, or the memorizing mode of teaching. It was such, that it gave scope to the students to reveal their points of view and their perception about a particular topic.

The maintenance of the university was in the hands of the students. It was regarded as a part of their curriculum. Maintenance of the University involved such works as the sweeping of the floors, organization of the kitchen, the responsibility of room allotment, arrangements of residence along with the task of taking regular care of the monks and the teachers. There were award ceremonies that took place every year in order to compliment those students who have shown academic or extra curricular excellence. The education was not Nalanda University Bihar
solely theoretical education. Attention was given to co-curricular activities as well. After the completion of their education, the scholars were made to proceed to the king’s court in order to ask for assignments or other appointments in the court of the king itself. This is a complementary act, if we compare the system with today’s world. In the current scenario, it is the multinational companies that are regarded as the replacement of the king’s court. These companies hire the students who come out of the universities qualified and skilled.
It is believed that Lord Buddha a number of times has visited Nalanda. Apart from his own visit, one of his favorite disciples named Sariputra was born at Nalanda. He preached here and also took his last breath here only. Ashoka had visited the place in the 3rd century B.C. He honored the monk with the grand stupa. What is important to Nalanda is that its historical relevance along with its unique code of teaching is what as made a popular tourist attraction. The University of Nalanda may have perished over the passage of time but the seat of education that it practiced is a revelation of the cultural heritage of India as a nation.

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