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Know Our India : Indian travel portal provides complete travel information about India, tourist information and travel destinations in India. We have also included information about Indian states and cities, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, honeymoon Know Our Indiadestinations, information about hotels, Indian cuisine, cultures, languages and Indian festivals. There is a special section called 'Indian Travel Tips' for those who are visiting India for the first time. By browsing through our website you can come to know about the tourist places within India easily.

India has rightly been called Incredible. There is something mystical about this land, and India is one place that should be in your list of must-visits, because it is seldom that you get to see the old times, which date back to the Indus Valley Civilization which dates back to 5000 B.C. and run upto the rule of the British, who left India in the year of 1947, and the new times, where India is an IT hub, flanked by the power of knowledge and technology on one side, and the power of rich and dynamic industrialists on the other side, and where India is poised to become a superpower, blended seamlessly into each other.

India is the world’s biggest democracy, with the country being divided into 28 states, and 6 union territories. There is a central government, and separate state governments, all chosen by the people. All the states in India are hubs of culture and tradition, and offer virtually unlimited places to explore, and things to do. You can experience the happy-go-lucky Punjabi culture in the northern part, and you can also experience the more reserved and devoted to religion and tradition culture of the Tamils down south. You can experience the vibrant and colorful Guajarati’s in the west, to the learned Bengalis in the east. You can have feel of their culture, their traditional values and the mythical philosophies they have to offer.

Know about India Mother Nature thinks of India as her own daughter, and hence she has bedecked India with jewels – beautiful natural landscapes, highest mountain range in the world, excellent beaches, and rivers among the largest in the world, and dense forests, with a lot of flora and fauna which is rarely found anywhere else in the world. This gift of India is all yours to explore and enjoy. India is, unequivocally, shining.

Come and pay a visit to India, and you’ll realize that if you hadn’t, you’d have missed something in your life. Check our website to see what India has to offer for you. You’d be delighted at the amazing place you’ll see, and you’ll realize the verity of Mark Twain, the great American playwright’s words, who said: “India is one country all men long to see, and having seen it once, would not give up that glimpse for all the wonders of the world.”
Come to India and experience the Atithi Devo Bhava in us.