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Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata, Victoria Memorial Hall India
Victoria Memorial Hall: The primary motive behind the construction of the Victoria Memorial was to celebrate the height of the successful British Empire in India. Present in the city of Kolkata, the Victoria Memorial is an architectural wonder. The Viceroy of that time, Lord Curzon was responsible for emphasizing the classical mould with which the Memorial was to be constructed. Apart from that, the actual plan of the Memorial was made by the well famed architect named William Emerson. The construction of Victoria Memorial portrays a harmonical blend of the British and Muslim architecture. The Victoria Memorial Hall is made up
of the elegant, sparkling white Markana marbles.

The foundation stone of Victoria Memorial was laid down by the Prince of Wales in the tear 1906.The inaugural ceremony took place in the year 1921 in memory of Queen Victoria. The length and breadth of the memorial measures 338 x 228 feet whereas it stands up to a height of 184 feet.

At the present age, the Victoria memorial has been transformed into a museum housing paintings belonging to the British Raj. An assortment of elements personally owned and possessed by Queen Victoria herself such as her garments, her shoes and other items of related importance. It is worth noting that the grand structure of Victoria memorial, the structure built under the command of the British and designed under their direction, came into existence from funds that did not belong to the Britishers at all. The funds Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata
were contributed by the British Indian states along with individual contributions from those Indian hands who wanted special favors from the English dictators. The Victoria Memorial is an extravagant looking stately building that costs around 10 million rupees. It is surrounded by gardens covering an area of more than 64 acres of land. These gardens are highly maintained along with the presence of water bodies, giving the entire enclosure an enchanting, appealing appearance. There is a bronze statue symbolizing victory. It measures a height of sixteen foot and is mounted on specially created ball bearings. The presence of ball bearings helps in the rotation of the statue with the flow of the wind.

If we visit the Victoria Memorial Hall, we can have a look at the different sculptors, coins, paintings, maps, stamps, textiles and weapons of historical relevance. There are portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert within the Royal Gallery of the Victoria Memorial along with various paintings, which is a portraiture of the different events that has occurred in the life of Queen Victoria. The famous Russian painter named Vasseli Verestchagin painted a picture exhibited the entry of the Prince of Wales in Jaipur. This event took place in the year 1876. This painting present in the Victoria Memorial Hall is also being of the distinctive feature of the Memorial. Subsequent to the Independence of India, the portraits and relics of the freedom fighters were added on the list of paintings and portraits placed on the walls of the memorial. This collection of paintings and portraits is known as the National Leaders gallery.

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