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West Bengal is the eastern state of India. This state is surrounded by Bangladesh at its eastern border. The northeastern side of this state there are many states like Assam, Sikkim. On southwest Orissa and at west borders Jharkhand and Bihar are found. The Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal.
Over two millennia many emperors and kings have ruled this west Bengal. Where as the history of Bengal dates back as that of 4000 years. This region was ruled by many people like Dravidian, Austro-Asiatic and Tibeto-Burman. The name Bengal has come to this state because of the Dravidian tripe who lived in 1000BC. The west Bengal name is remembered through out the Indian history, as it played important role in Indian Independence movement.

The West Bengal total area is 88,752 Sq.Km. It includes some parts of Himalayas at northern side at south Bay of Bengal. The famous Himalayan Hill station Darjeeling is present at northern part. The Sandakfu is the highest peak found in West Bengal. The plains of the state are separated by Terai region which leads to Ganges Delta at south.

The most significant feature of this state is the Sundarbans mangrove forests which make this landmark as remarkable one. The river Gange is the source of water which gets divided into two streams in West Bengal. The one stream enters the Bangladesh and other stream flows through whole state and it has got specific name such as Bhagirathi River. Apart from this there are many rivers like Torsa, Teesta, Mahananda, Jaldhaka and Hooghly.

In western part of the west Bengal there is a famous river called Damodar, which is popularly known as the river of Sorrow. The climate of West Bengal varies from tropical to subtropical some times in hilly regions the snowfall may occur. The most part of the West Bengal is surrounded by Sundarban forests thus it is the house for many types of plant and animals. The Bengal tiger conservation projects made these forests as main reserve of tigers. The temperate forests of this state include some trees like Conifers, Rhododendrons and oaks.

The red Panda, deer, elephants, barking deer, chinkara, serow, and some of the endangered species like River Terrapin, Gangetic Dolphin and crocodile are also found in these forests. This state is famous national parks such as Sundarbans National Park, Neora Valley National Park and Singalia National Park.

The transports system is well developed, there are many national highways. The Railway transport is heart of the state. The People of West Bengal are called as Bengalis. The Bengali language has a great literary heritage. Rabindranath Tagore and Bankin chandra Chattopadyay are famous authors who added impact on literature.

Popular Tourist places in West Bengal: Ochlerloney Monumen, Dhakuria lake, Marble Palace, Saheed Minar, Science City, Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Salt Lake Stadium, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Darjeeling Toy Train

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