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Taj Mahal is located in the city of Agra, at a distance of 204 kilometeres from the city of Delhi. Agra is the land of the reverent Taj Mahal. Reverent not because it is grand and has historical relevance due to its construction made under the command of the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan but because of the idea with which the emperor decided to build it. The sparkling white marble Taj Mahal was built under the dictatorial order of Shah Jahan in an effort to immortalize his love for his queen Mumtaz Mahal who lost her life during childbirth. It was meant for the world to perceive the extent of the Emperor's love for his begum. Shah Jahan seem to personalize the
concept of the mortality of human beings alongthe immortality of love.

Love is an abstract concept, an emotion realized and felt only when it is given away.Hence, love is not something that can perish with the death of the biological human bodies.The cells might perish with the halt of the heart beat but the souls of the beings live ever after, beyond the span of the individual's time on earth.In order to convey this message of the imperishability of a feeling as love itself, the Mughal emperor must have decided to etch out a mausoleum in order to make his love survive the pangs of human death, not simply as an idea but with the creation of an entity viewed by the public at large.

Apart from this, Taj Mahal at Agra can also be regarded as an architectural wonder with its intricate carvings, the design of the archway and the garden in front meant for the reflection of the mausoleum to fall. All in all, the design and planning of the Taj is a lesson for many to wonder at the extent of developemnt of science and technology of the era. The Taj Mahal has a different view at different times of the day. It reveals its greatest beauty in the mornings and in the evenings.A full moon eve is the time when its beauty reaches its peak. The beauty of Taj Mahal is not something that can be About Taj Mahal
expressed in words. In order to get an understanding of the beauty , a visit to the mausoleum is a must. The beauty of the Taj is impeccable in naked eyes.It is the presence of this magnificient monumant that attracts tourists from all over India and the world. As a result of this, Agra has been turned into a major tourist attraction for one and many.
The wonder of Taj Mahal can be explicated by all those who has peceived it, in words that fall short of its grandeur and beauty. It is said that the craftsmen who built the Taj were chopped off their hands after the completion of the Taj. The act is no doubt cruel, if ot holds ground, but at the same time , it portrrays the desperation with which the then Emperor of India,made an attempt to etch a distinct mark of his love for his wife- a mark that can never be reproduced by anybody in the years to come.

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