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Information about Tripura
The state Tripura has long history and it always attached to our Indian script such as Puranas and Mahabharata. The history also gains its importance during the empire Ashoka. Earlier the state Tripura was known as the Kirat Desh. The descendent king of Tripura was Bhabru and King Druya .One another important thing related to the state is that people also says that the state got its name after the establishment of the temple by name Tripuri Sundari, which is situated at Radhakrishnapur.

Tripura is a hill station and is the part of the Northeastern India. About the climate of the state, it is Tropical in Nature and the state receives regular rainfall. Rivers availability and the kind of Natural resources are found in the state. The famous river by name Manu is originated from it. Tripura is also considered as the smallest state of India. The predominant features regarding the agriculture field the principal crop is Paddy.

At the Economy level the total GDP (gross domestic product) growth is around $2.1billion. The agriculture is the main activity of the Tripura. The employment level is also high in the state; around 64% of the total populations are employed.

The Parliamentary system of the state is quite good. There are 3 branches of the government. The main politics followed in the state is Indian national Congress. At present the state is governed by the Chief Minister by name Manik Sarkar.

The transport and the communication field are also well organized. The Railway line is quite broad .The main Railway stations are in the state such as Indranagar, agartala, Bishalgarh apart from these there are many National Highways and they are connected to the Assam. The communication facilities are also emerging in the state; there are most popular telecommunication companies of India trying to set up their business in the state.

Most of the Tripura people belong to Hindu Religion. Many of the Bangali and Tripuri are close to the Tribes. The important gods which are followed by Tripuri individuals are Shiva, Lam-pra, Mailu-ma, and many more. You can also find in this state there are many linguistic groups, and these group helps the state to develop the mixed culture. The main culture is Tripuri. The Tripuri people are also rich in the cultural field like Music, fine arts, and as well as dance.

At the Education level the schools are basically led by the state government, the medium of teaching is usually English and Bengali.  

Some of the attraction places in the state are as:

  • Amarpur
  • Jampui
  • Kamalasagar
  • Chaturdasha Temple
  • Unakoti
  • Khumulwng
  • Rasu Kami
  • Neernahal
  • Tripura Sundari temple

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