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Thanjavur Temple: The Thanjavur Temple, very well known as Rajarajeswaram or Brihadishwara Temple, Tamil Nadu is a worldwide famous pilgrim for the tourists. People across the world visit this temple in the name of Lord Shiva. There is a tremendous exterior form the architectural skills of the Cholas who made it foremost, inclusively a fully granite holy place. The Emperor of the Cholas dynasty Rajaraja Chola gave the tribute to his pupil and a reflection of the supremacy of his reign by investing his soul into establishing this temple. The Cholas cited a brilliant exemplar in front of the world by influencing everyone
building the superior quality architecture. It became India’s one of the greatest grandeur in architectural world. It has been mentioned in the list of the ‘UNESCO World Heritage Sites’ as “The Great Living Chola Temple”. This temple is the memorial of the Vishwakarmas who gave it a splendid sculpt and architectural preparations.

The Brihadishwara Temple is the glory of the imperial city of South India, Thanjavur, which brought Cholas, Nayaks and Mahrattas in the spotlight from the ancient royal India. Thanjavur also named at ancient times as Tanjore achieved the zenith of fine art and ethnicity, cultural and social development at the times of rule by the Cholas King Rajaraja Chola I. Thanjavur is still today the epicenter of the conventional fine arts. The city has also produced resplendent musicians and dancers (specifically bharathanatyam). The Tanjore Painting is well known all over the world for its creativity.

Thanjavur bags in itself the wonderful and greatest temples; where the tallest of them known as the ‘Big Temple of Thanjavur’ stands in the middle spreading the beaming shine. The Thanjavur temple is best known for its delicate and wonderful bronzes, craft skills and the South Indian melodic Instruments.

The temple is the most esteemed of the world’s architectural spots. Arms walls added in the conventional 16th century, stand covering the temple. The temple has got the tallest of its kind longest tower ‘Vimana’ of 70 meters- approximately 216 ft (66 m) high. The Kalash or also known as the 'Shikhara' (the round structured peak) on the top of the temple is made up of specific colossal granite. There is a single rock carved statue of Nandi (the holy bull) at the holy foyer that measures around 13 feet high and 16 feet long.

There is a ‘prakaram’ surrounding the grand temple, which is again surrounded by the Cholas attractive architectural walls. There are mainly composed five divisions of this wonderful shrine namely:
  • Garbhagriha (Sanctum and corridor)
  • Maha-Mandapam
  • Ardhana-Mandapam
  • Narthana-Mandapam
  • Stapana-Mandapam
  • Vadya-Mandapam

Thanjavur has become a remarkable blemish for the tourists who visit India to be acquainted with its cultural credence in the world. The Brihideshwara temple is extremely glorious in structure and excellent in it’s the architectural design too which glorifies its value since so many years and will keep the glory on forever.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is Tiruchi. Thanjavur is 65 km east of Tiruchi. Thanjavur is an important railway station which is well connected with Tiruchi, Chennai and Nagore.

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