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Information on Sikkim, About Sikkim
Sikkim is the state, which is very near to Himalayas and the population is low. It is also measured as the smallest state in India. The official language of the state is English but the person also follows local language as Napali, because it is only a state where the majority of the Nepalese are quite high.

Almost entire state is surrounded by the mountain and hill. Kangchenjunga is the peak mountain which falls in Nepal. The landscape of the state is unfit for the agriculture purpose because of the shaky slopes. Some of the hill slopes are converted into farm land by using the new methods of techniques.
The division of the state has 4 major districts and each district is led by the district collector. The 4 major districts are as follows East Sikkim, West Sikkim, North Sikkim, and South Sikkim and these districts are further divided into sub-divisions.

The Ecological spot is well developed and there are different kinds of species can be found. There is high-quality of flora and fauna. The main kind of flora includes rhododendron. The kind of fauna includes snow leopard, musk deer, wild dog, hog badger etc and many more.

The economic infrastructure is healthy urbanized and the total GDP for 2004 is ranged as $478 million. The crops like wheat, barley, orange, tea, maize etc are basically cultivated by most of the Sikkim peoples. The highest production is always for the cultivation of Cardamom and it is high in India.

The transport facility is not good enough as the state does not have any Airport or any kind of railhead; this is because of the rough terrain. The Government is planning to create Airport and also passed some projects related to it. By 2011 it is expected as the airport will be created at Pakyong.

The Celebration of the Sikkim peoples is attached as to Hindus festivals such as Dussera and diwali .The common Nepali festivals which are enjoyed by the local community are Bhimsen Puja, Tihar apart from these some of the Buddhist festivals are also enjoyed by the people and some examples are like Losar, Loosong, and Drupka etc. Regarding the Music, the Sikkim peoples widely accepted the western rock music and Hindi songs also they liked very much.

Tourist attractions in Sikkim: Gangtok, Do-Drul Chorten, Deer park, White hall, Deorali orchid Sanctuary, Pemayangtse, Rabbents Ruins , Pelling, Yuksom and Tendong hill.

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