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Rajasthan is also called as the Royal State of India, is well known for the royal life style of the Rajasthan people, the great rulers of past and beauty of the architecture.

This is state of the great rulers of India; it is situated in the north-western part of India. The area that it covers is around 342,239 square kilometers.

The climate of Rajasthan changes from semi arid to arid. During summer the temperature reaches to around 49 degree centigrade and during winter it drops below the freezing point.  Even though the annual rainfall is in between 200 to 400 mm, it is very low in the dry areas and in south eastern part the rainfall is very high ranging up to around 1000mm.
Most of the rainfall to Rajasthan is through south west monsoon during the month of July to September.

The people of Rajasthan are called as Marwaris. They got this name from a clever businessman from Rajasthan. Some of the top businessmen from India like Singhanias, Birlas, Ruias, and Goenkas are the famous Marwaris from Rajasthan.

The Rajput’s of Rajasthan are equally famous as the Marwaris. The Rajput’s are known for there daringness and the no fear attitude. Rajput’s are the one who built the famous forts and the temples of Rajasthan. Local people sing the songs about sacrifices and the adventures done by the Rajput’s rulers of the past.

People of Rajasthan are famous for their folk dances, spectacular festivities, and melodious music. The local language used in Rajasthan is called Rajasthani language.

In Rajasthan you will find a fair for every religious occasion, for every harvest or any small festivals. The people of Rajasthan are very hard working, peace loving, law abiding and they enjoy there culture, there festivals, music and fairs to the maximum.

Some of the important symbols of the state of Rajasthan are-

  • The state tree is Khejari
  • The state flower of Rajasthan is Rohida
  • The State Bird of Rajasthan is Godawan
  • The State Animal of Rajasthan is Chinkara.

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