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Golden Temple Amritsar, Golden Temple India
Golden Temple: Golden Temple known as Darbar Saheb and it's one of the most sacred shrines in Sikhism. The golden temple of amritsar, also known as swarn mandir or swarna mandir, located in Punjab and it's famous pilgrimage place for sikhs in India. This temple is a symbol of strength and magnificence inherent in people belonging to Sikhism, all around the world. This temple is exemplary of the Sikh spirit of acceptance and tolerance of other religion and their forms of worship as evident from the pictures and paintings of other religions placed within the realms of the temple. Also popularly know as Sri Harminder Sahib, the temple has been erected to allow believers to offer their prayers and reverence to the sun god.

The temple is built on the 67ft platform shaped in a square size in the middle of a sarovar, meaning tank. The uniqueness of this temple is that it has doors located in all the directions; north, south, east and west, to allow the sun rays to penetrate into every nook and corner of the temple. With rays entering from all the directions, the temple illuminates in its brilliance throughout the day. The frame of the door of the arch is 10 ft high and 8 ft broad. The panes of this door are carved with some of the most marvelous specimen of art, significant of Sikhism. The door leads to the bridge which further leads to the main building of Sri Harminder Sahib. This bridge, also known as Guru’s bridge is significant of a human’s soul’s journey after death. The bridge leads to various spots worshipped by believers like Pardakshna, meaning circumambulatory path and the famous steps of god, Har ki Paure.

Golden temple is a three-storey building with the ground floor decorated with larger than life sized cusped arch. The first floor is 26 feet high hung with huge chandeliers. Every night the Guru Granth Sahib is carried in a procession through the Guru bridge to its ”Akal Takht”, the prominent seat of the leader of the Sikh parliament. Among the presence of thousands of devotees, verses from the book are recited with a relentless wave of the whisk, known as chauri, over the book.

Hari Mandir, one of the most worshipped spots in Golden Temple is a beautiful divine temple carved of gold, situated on the large water body. This building is conceived of copper cupolas and brilliant white marble engraved with precious stones and decorated with floral paintings resembling the Islamic artistry. The unique structure has verses from Guru Granth Sahib engraved on its outer wall. Another significant feature of this temple is the daily langar, also known as Guru-ka-langar, conducted in the dinning hall. This hall is, everyday, filled to its capacity with around thirty five thousand people, fed free by the volunteers working in this temple.

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