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Information on Punjab, About Punjab
Punjab is one of the most beautiful and Incredible State of India. The traditional meaning of the term “Punjab” originated from Persian word “panj” which mean ‘five’ and “ab” means water. So, the word Punjab stands for five rivers of Punjab Region.
It is the oldest state of India and it traced to 4000 years old. The state has evidence related to the Indian Epic as Ramayana and the people also consider that this city as sacred because it is believed that some of the parts of Ramayana were written around the ashram by name Shri Ram Tirtha Ashram, which is located in Amritsar. And the two sons of Shri Ram also grew up in the forest of Amritsar.

The Perception of Society: The Punjab is also known for the best Punjabi style or personality. The Punjabi people are extrovert in nature and they like to dress well and also eat well. Punjabi is the main language of the state. The script of Punjabi in India known as Gurmukhi and it is quite popular in India.

The typical Punjabi dresses are very good-looking and basically the Punjabi women like to dress up salwar whether they are Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, or Christian. The salwar is usually topped by short kameez, and the duppata is around 2.5 meter long and shaped like rectangular. The jewelers of Punjabi is also amazing, you can find the varieties of   bangles, rings, neckles, etc.

Marriages in Punjab:  As the young couple decided to marry the small ceremony occurred by the involvement of both families which is called as “rokai”. After that the engagement ceremony takes place which is named as “Mangani”, than afterwards the final marriage ceremony take place.

Economy of the State: Punjab is one of the main regions of the India, because most of the total revenue of India comes from this state. Punjab is a one of the most fertile state of the India. The GDP output is quite high also, the state is well known for occupation as wheat and many more such as rice, sugar cane, fruit, cotton, vegetables. The art of the Punjab is also good and it looks like a new creation. The mud works is also popular in this state and the individual depend on these works for survival purpose. They usually plaster the walls with the help of mud and they also used ferns, plants, etc.

Some famous tourist places in Punjab: Badshahi Masjid, Punjab fort at Bathinda, The main Gateway of Punjab, Golden temple of Punjab, Jallianwala Bagh, Shalimar Garden etc. You can also visit Lahore, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Patiyala, Punjabi Chandigarh, Fatehgarh Sahib, Gurdaspur, Faridkot, Latina, Moga, Mansa, Kapurthala, Hoshiarpur and Muktsar. These are good places in Punjab.

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