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Konark Temple, Konark Sun Temple, Temple of Konark India
Konark Temple: Konark sun temple, also known as Konaditya, is a significant testament of the artistic excellence of craftsmen in the thirteenth century, Orissa. The Sun Temple of Konark, often called as the Black Pagoda. Coined from the combination of two potent words, Kona, meaning corner and Ark, meaning sun, this temple is believed to be primary temples built to offer reverence to sun god. Conceived by Raja Narasinghs Deva-I of Ganga Dynasty, Konark temple is an exemplary of the opulence of the Rajas during the reign of the Ganga Dynasty. The temple built in the form of a chariot is the representative of the power and potency of the sun god. Konark Temple is situated 35 kilometers from Puri and 64km from Bhubaneswar in the State of Orissa.

The Konark temple, conceived to worship the Ark, Sun god, is country’s medieval form of worshipping the omnipotence of the God Sun. This temple is significantly mentioned in Hindu ethos in culmination of Upanishads and Vedas, as one of the predominant religious points of worship for Kings seeking power and command. The temple is an excellent chronicle of elaborate sand stone throughout. The temple is replete with myriad images of deities, damsels and surasundaris. The art in the temple is also exemplary of the courtly life during that era with elaborate sculptures on lovers, dancers and musicians.

As the old legend goes, Samba, the king of Jambavati province, transcended into the bathing chamber of the wives of Lord Krishna, who as a punishment was cursed with leprosy by Lord Krishna. He also stated that he would cure himself of leprosy if he worshipped the sun god on the north eastern side of Puri. Samba successfully reached Konaditya province and found a miraculous image of Sun god seated on a lotus. After worshipping the god, he was relived of his curse. This miracle laid the foundation of the temple but could not be conceived because of a weak foundation.

Standing erect with its magnificent lawns in the vicinity, this temple is a beautiful rendition of sandstone. It is acknowledged as one of the finest religious spots in the earth. A team of seven energetic horses standing in a line and twenty-four marvelous wheels portray that the temple has been conceived to represent a heavenly chariot for the sun god.

The temple, apart from being visited for the deity worship, is also a famous visiting spot for its exquisite artistry on Kama Sutra in form of sculptures in the inner walls of the temple. These sculptures are an aesthetic representation of eroticism on which a famous poet of Mughal Dynasty commented, “Even those who are difficult to please stand astonished at its sight”.

At negligible distance lies the sacred pond, which according to the archeologist was the spot where Samba was cured of leprosy. For many believers, this pond is an epitome of the powers of sun god. Therefore, those visiting the temple, also worship the pond for attaining the blessings of the sun god.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is Bhubhaneswar, connected with Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Nagpur through direct flights. Puri is the nearest railhead, about 31 km from Konark and 64 km from Bhubaneswar. It's made very easy for the tourists to reach the temple.

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