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Information on Meghalaya, About Meghalaya
The word Meghalaya means abode of clouds, in simple meaning a land cover with all nature and full of good creations. According to survey of 2001, the population has exceeding to two million. The state has located in the north East of India and the area is 22,530 sq km.  It share its border with south of Bangladesh. In Meghalaya there are different hills like Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia are situated at an elevation of 4000 to 6000 ft.

The majority of people in Meghalaya are tribal and divided in three sectors. The 70% of population are believed in Christianity. The length of Meghalaya is 300 kms and its breadth is 200 kms.

Meghalaya was formerly part of Assam state. It becomes a separate state in 1972. The state was governed like other states of India, by a chief minister and a governor, who is appointed by the president of India.  The people of Meghalaya suffer a lot from the violence occurred by indigenous tribal people, who are generally the illegal immigrants coming from Bangladesh. Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, the state is home to cheerapunjee, this place receive the highest quantity of rain in the world.

Meghalaya is a very beauty place, which has covered by the water falls, pristine caves, thick verdant woods with wonderful views of flora and fauna. The water falls at their best during monsoon season. The orchid lake is located very close distance from the Shillong, where different sports activities like swimming are held every year. The Nongkrem traditional dance is very popular during the festivals, which attract huge crowd and attract the tourist to visit this place repeatedly. And some health resort with having hot springs of water. The annual race boat held during the spring season with numerous colors, which inspire domestic people to take part in them and give large amount of excitement.
The whole Meghalaya are filled with beautiful places some them are-

  • Shillong
  • Tura peak
  • Ward's lake
  • Elephant falls
  • Golf course
  • water falls
  • The Butterfly museum
  • The central museum
  • Cherrapunji
  • Garo hills
  • Shillong peak
  • Sohpetbneng peak
  • Shillong Cathedral
  • Nartiang
  • Caves in Shillong

These are some of Beautiful places in Meghalaya, which does not allow you to come back and there are other places which makes your trip incredible one and the Beaches of the Meghalaya are also attract tourists.

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