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Shani Shingnapur Temple, Shirdi Shani Shingnapur
Shani Shingnapur Temple: Shani Shingnapur, the most prehistoric temple in the West India is situated 84 kms from Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The holy Hindu temple is devoted to Lord Shani, who is often known as the Saturn planet. Saturn is held responsible for handling all the prizes and punishments keeping in record the humanís actions on earth. Thus human beings are very afraid of Shani Dev (the lord Shani) and keep influencing and pleasing him in their favors. People often ask for the blessings of the poor on Saturdays, which is known to be the day of ShaniDev. People also contribute donations on the Shani Amavasya (the festival of Lord Shani).
The Shani Shingnapur temple consists of a lordís statue, a slab of stone which
is assumed that it is the iconic form of Lord Shani. People come from different corners of the world to pay their homage. They can do prayers and give donations to the temple.

The Shani Shingnapur temple has got some very fascinating facts like:

  • The devotees are allowed to pray anytime as the temple remains open 24 hours in a day. The prayers can even be performed by the men at night, though women are not allowed to enter the temple at night at all as that is not considered an auspicious sign.
  • The statue of the Lord is kept uncovered as the village residents say that Lord himself gave the instructions not to cover the idol at all.
  • The temple has got no doors as the devotees believe that the Lord Shani will protect his devotees all the time.

There are a few instructions before going to the Shani temple and paying the homage. The deity can be only touched by the men. Women are just allowed to view them and pray for their righteousness and peace to the mankind.  The men also have to take bath before going to the holy place and those who wish to touch the idol have to wear a saffron Dhoti given by the temple. These are compulsory requirements before performing prayers to Lord Shani. The devotees can perform pooja and abhishek (tilak) and all other customs and ceremonies to the deity in the temple.

There is uniqueness of the village named Shingnapur that the village homes do not have doors or even locks for their security. The residents believe that Lord Shani’s blessings do not let any crime happen in that village. The one who dares to do any crime becomes paralyzed due to Lord’s anger.

There is a regimented and well maintained life that is refrained from any kind of liquor or meat in that village. There is a lot of faith, co-operation and sympathy amongst the people living there. They lead extremely eco-friendly and harmonious lives.  No crime in the society means no loss to the human existence.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is Aurangabad airport, which is at a distance of 80 km and nearest railway station is Aurangabad railway station, you can also go to the Jalgaon railway station. Buses as well taxis are easily available from Aurangabad.

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