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Mahabaleshwar in India, Mahabaleshwar Holiday
Mahabaleshwar is located on the western part of India, the forest of Mahabaleshwar is bulky and produces many medicinal as well as commercial trees and plants. Here the natural life is quite limited to wild boars, foxes and jackals. Bisons and deers are also found in the area of Brahma Aranya.

But the numbers of Panthers are very rare in this part of the thick forest. The well-known bird in the poetry of Urdu, Bulbul can be found everywhere in this plateau. The climate of Mahabaleshwar includes ideal oxygen of 20% which is often augmented in the weather of foggy of early monsoon and late summers, when the entire plateau is covered with the
thick mist. The water here in this region contains a meager proportion of iron which in turn helps to boost the hemoglobin in blood.

Attractions : Today the name Mahabaleshwar in the Indian state of Maharashtra is taken among the popular honeymoon spot and holiday resort along with an imperative site of the pilgrimage for Hindus. There are number of temples and ritual places in this part of the famous region.

Panchgani- the stunning hilly resort is the close-by spot which draws a lot of visitors to this place. It is in the vicinity of around 20 kilo meters from the main town of Mahabaleshwar. The “Table Land” occurrence of the natural world at Panchgani is really breath taking. After the completion of the express-highway, more visitors are noted as compared to the past years. Mahabaleshwar is also well-known for the production of strawberries and the honey here.

Mostly it is advisable to enjoy the fragrance of this plateau in the rainy season. Among all other attractions of Mahabaleshwar, the Venna Lake has its own significance with its tremendous beauty with its crystal clear water and the beautiful surroundings. The huge water mass of Venna is bounded by various kinds of trees on all the sides.

How to reach :

Air ways: Mahabaleshwar has a very comfortable mode of transportations. Major cities like Mumbai and Pune offers a great support for the visitors to Mahbaleshwar. These airports with both domestic and international flight give a boost to the international visitors to this plateau.

Road ways: After the completion of the express highway, now it is much easier for the tourist to lend directly on the beauty of Mahabaleshwar from the international and the domestic airports in Mumbai. It takes hardly four to five hours to reach the beautiful destination of Mahabaleshwar.

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