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Ellora Cave Temples, Ellora Cave India
Ellora Cave Temple: Ellora caves situated in the state of India are world famous site. It was built by the Chlukya-Rastrakuta dynasty. Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism are symbolized by the caves. The existence of all the three religions at one place also shows the religious harmony. There are Hindu and Jain temples, halls of worship as well as Buddhist monasteries. The caves are a UNESCO world heritage site.
Ellora Caves Highlights: The Ellora caves have splendid carvings and paintings. They tell the story from the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religion. The temple is full of the sculpture of the mystical Gods and Goddesses. The design present inside the caves tells the story of the great artistic skills of the artisans of that time.
There are beautiful painting present in the some of the caves. The paintings though have been preserved mostly in the Kailasa temple. The earlier paintings were of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi but the later painting was of Lord Shiva. There are also paintings of beautiful dancers known as 'apsaras'.

Built between 5th century AD and 11th century AD, the caves comprises of 34 monasteries and temples. The caves have been built in a linear pattern. All the caves represent different religious inclinations and they have been built at different times. There are some Jain temples as well. There are 17 Hindu temples, 12 Buddhist temples and 5 Jain temples, all the caves are archaeological wonders. There are beautiful carvings in the Buddhist temple which tells the stories from life of Buddha. The Buddhist temple were created the first (between 5th century AD and 7th century AD).

The Kailasa Temple: The archaeological survey of India has further discovered temples which were devoted to Lord Shiva called the Kailash temple. It is the biggest monolith structure in the world. Though the entire caves are magnificent, the Kailasa temple is the most remarkable of all of them. The Kailasa temple is a great example of architectural work. It has four levels (100 feet high). It must be a work of great skill and hard work. Around 2 lac tons of solid rock had to be removed to carve out the temple. It has elaborate carved monolith and halls. There is also a sculpture depicting lord Vishnu killing a demon in form of a man-lion.

Tourism: The Ellora caves are a famous tourist place and they attract tourists from world over. MTDC (The Maharashtra State Tourism Department) organizes a classical music and dance festival in the third week of March to attract tourists. Ellora caves are magnificent. Itís a tribute to great artistic skills of the artisans.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is Aurangabad airport, which is at a distance of 30 km and nearest railway station is Aurangabad railway station, you can also go to the Jalgaon railway station. Buses as well taxis are easily available from Aurangabad.

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