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Information on Kerala, About Kerala
Kerala state is located in the southwest of India. The neighboring state of Kerala is Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Tamil Nadu is located to the south and east side, West side is Arabian Sea and the Karnataka is located at the North side. In Kerala the very big cities are Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode and Kochi. Malayalam is the mother tongue of Kerala and in border of Tamil Nadu they are people who speak both Malayalam and Tamil.
The Kerala can also be called as Keralam. This name Keralam is usually in English language. The meaning of Keram is Coconut Palm and the meaning of Alam is Place or Land. So the proper meaning of Keralam is Place of coconut palm.
In Kerala 14 districts are present and each district has many numbers of tourist destinations, transport facilities and headquarters.

The climate of Kerala is like full of humid, the southern Kerala full of summer season, and in the rainy season the climate is fully rain. At this time the eastern Kerala full of dry and wet climate. Annually keralas average rain fall is around 3,107mm. The highest average is in Idukki district, around 5,000mm because this district is located in mountains. Kerala state can also called as green grass land. Kochin is the middle state of Kerala and  Kochin is also called as Ernakulam.  In Kerala state 14 districts are there and these 14 districts have 1007 Gram panchayats, 1453 revenue villages and also 62 taluks. The capital of Kerala state is Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) and the high court is placed in Ernakulam. Kannur also one of the famous city in Kerala state and especially the urban people are majority in the Kannur state, nearly 1,212,898 urban peoples are located in the Kannur city.

Religions of Kerala: In Kerala, number of mixed religions is present. The majority population is Hindus, nearly 56 %, 24 % for Muslims and 19 % of Christians and the other religions are only 1%. Hindus are mainly located in Kerala. Nairs, Nambudris, Dalits and Ezhavas castes are the majority in Hindus religion. The Traditional dress of men and women are quite different.  The traditional dress of malayali man wearing the shirt with mundu and the traditional dress of malayali women’s is wearing the dress is set sari.

Culture of Kerala is quite depending upon the Karnataka and TamilNadu, because these two states are neighboring states of Kerala. Kathakali is the very famous traditional dance or natanam in kerala state and also some of the popular dances are Kaliyattam, Mohiniaatam, Theyyam, Koothu Padayani and Thullal. Chenda melam is the traditional music in Kerala and maximum they are using this in the Kshethram (Temple). Onam festival is very famous traditional festival and the traditional dishes are idli,  sambar, pilisherry, asam, puttukadala, kappa, payasam etc.

Tourist Places in Kerala: Kovalam Beach, Varkala Beach, Chera Beach, Munnar Hill, Ponmudi Hill, Nelliampathi Hill, Wayanad Hill, Eravikulam National Park, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Mattancherry Palace. Kerala Backwaters etc.

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