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Information on Jammu and Kashmir, About Jammu and Kashmir
The northern most state of our country is Jammu and Kashmir. It is located mainly in mountains of Himalaya. The border of this state is found associated with china in north and east side. To the south there are Himachal Pradesh and Punjab states. The three important regions of Jammu and Kashmir are Kashmir valley, Jammu and Ladakh. In the year 1586 a famous Mughal Emperor Akbar invaded Kashmir for then onwards this area came into existence. The Jammu city was founded by governor Ramachindra I he named this city as Jammu because of Hindu goddess Jamwa Mata. .

The Jammu and Kashmir is the natural resource of many valleys like, Chenab valley, Tawi Valley, Poonch valley, Lidder valley and Sind valley. Depending on the topography the Jammu and Kashmir climate varies greatly. In the southern part the climate is monsoonal and this varies towards west side. The raining season will be in the month of January to March and average rain for ranges from 40 to 50 mm. The Jammu city is very hot in summer season and the temperature reach up to 40 degree Celsius.

Jammu and Kashmir is ornamented with snowstorm capped mountains, picturesque lakes; lush green forest, blossoming gardens and lovely gardens are displaying the blossoming colorful flowers. Jammu and Kashmir is visited by hundreds and thousands of tourists from each corner of the globe just you can visit this heaven state to you spend lots of times to their vacation in splendor.

Srinagar is located in west part of the Jammu and Kashmir and this is famous for lakes and the charming rows houseboats floating. Jammu and Kashmir has two natural advantages are mountains on one hand and lakes and rivers on other. Kashmir has one of the anglerís paradises, this is a network of rivers and streams as well lakes all abounding in trout together brown and rainbow.

Beauty of the Jammu is also famous for pilgrimage destinations, temples, palaces and rich cultural site. You should visit the Raghunath Temple, Amar Mahal Museum, Rambireshwar Temple, Art Gallery and many others. There are the wonderful tourist places in Jammu.

The tourist attraction places of Jammu and Kashmir include the following:
  • Vaishno Devi Temple
  • Raghunath Temple
  • Gadhadharji Temple
  • Nagbani
  • Purmandal
  • Panchbakhter Temple
  • Bagh e Bahu
  • Jhiri
  • Chichi Mata
  • Samadhi Maharani Chand Kour

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