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As India got independence, a Hill states were created by name Himachal Pradesh. It is mainly located around shimla. The state Himachal Pradesh covered the area of Punjab and become a part of reformation of Punjab.

As you considered the Growth of the state is marvelous, after independence it’s following the path of progress. The literacy rate of the state is 63% and it is increasing also. If you want to know about the population rate of the state Himachal Pradesh, it is about 5 million and it is also said that the population is stabilized. The noticeable thing about the state is that high literacy rate and the people also following different methods of family planning. Mostly the men of the state would prefer to join the Army and in those fields also they proved themselves. Those army people who lost their lives for the sake of country, in the memory of those people a beautiful war memorial is created by name “Dharamsals”.

About the Educational Background there are many schools, universities have emerged. The well known popular state university is Himachal Pradesh University which is situated at Shimla. Himachal Pradesh is also admired for the glowing college named as “Regional Engineering College” at Himirpur. And the students from allover India wanted to join this college.

The people who belong to Himachal Pradesh- many of the individuals in this state are depended on Agriculture for livelihood and this is the main occupation of the state. Apart from this most of the individuals are also generate their incomes from the pats animals such as goats, sheep etc. Around 90 % population of the Himachal Pradesh live in small towns or belong to small villages. The villages are quite self-contained with a few shops available for the sake of people and fulfill their requirements too. The villages which belong to the Himachal Pradesh are quite well developed and each village has drinking water and electricity facility, which are quite basic requirements of the human being and also needed for the survival purpose.

The people of Himachal Pradesh are mostly Hindus, and follow their Gods and Goddess. There are number of temples where the individual offer their worship. About the folk dance of the Himachal Pradesh it is very interesting and also you can call them as very charming to hear. All these songs are basically based on the Romantic and religious theme and the way they enjoy their events are quite good. All people gather tighter and make a circle and dance together. Their dance is very spontaneous in nature which show the sign of peace and enjoyable. In general word you can indicate the individuals of Himachal Pradesh by there Honest, gentle, and truthfulness.

Here some of the Tourist Places of Himachal Pradesh are
Manali, Chamba, Kangra, Khajjiar, Kullu Valley, Kinnaur and Mandi.

Some of the well known Parks and Sanctuary are as follows to see in himachal Pradesh:
  • Great Himachal National Park
  • Manali sanctuary
  • Pong Dam sanctuary
  • Pin Valley National park
  • Kais sanctuary

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