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Somnath Temple Gujarat, Somnath Temple India
Somnath Temple is in the Junagarh district in the state of Gujarat. It contains the most important Jyotirlinga. The Somnath temple has been destroyed several times in the past but it has been built again and again. Somnath can be loosely translated as 'the protector of moon God'. Somnath temple was attacked several times from the invaders in the west. Mahmud of Ghazni destroyed in the 11th century but it was rebuilt.
After that it was destroyed several times in different centuries but it was rebuilt again and again. The Somnath temple is very sacred to Hindus therefore it has been built again and again after its destruction.

The Architecture:  The temple has been built in the style of Chalukya. The temple amply displays the skills of the Gujarat's master masons. The Somnath temple is a 7 storey structure and 155 feet tall. According to an inscription on one of the pillars, the temple is situated in such a place that forms its seashore to Antarctica; no mass of land can be seen.

The legend: According to a legend taken from Skanda Purana, The moon or the Chandra was wedded to the twenty seven daughters of Daksh Prajapati. Of all his 27 wedded girls, he had unusual love for Rohini. He neglected all his other wives. Daksha Prajapati felt angered at this fact. He cursed Chandra to become devoid of light and radiance. Chandra was disturbed with the fact because a moon without light will cause the world to become lifeless. Chandra went to of Prabhasa along with his wife Rohini and there they worshiped the Sparsh linga of Lord Shiva. The lord gave him the boon to shine. On the appeal of Chandrama as well as other Gods, Lord Shiva eternally lived their in the name of Somchandra. He turns out to be famous in the whole universe as Somchandra.

The treasures at Somnath: Huge treasures have been found in Somnath temple by its attackers. It was a wonder for the attackers. The idols were made of precious metals. It is said that Mahmud of Ghazni completely destroyed the whole temple and took away all the treasures of the temple.

Tourism and pilgrimage: The Somnath temple is a magnificent temple. It attracts tourists from around the world. It’s a great pilgrimage site for the Hindus. The temple has been very sacred to the Hindus; as a result it has been built again and again. To quote the first president of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Somnath temple is an example of power of creation which is always greater than the power of destruction.

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