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Gujarat Information

In India, during the period of 1st May 1960 Gujarat state became a separate state. Gujarat is most developed and one of the colorful state of India. This state is birth place of Mahatma Gandhi. The Gujarat state is located on the west coastline of India. In the west this state is surrounded by Arabian Sea .in the North and North –East side this state is surrounded by the state of Rajasthan, in the south and south –East this state is surrounded by Maharashtra state and in the east this state is surrounded by Madhya Pradesh.

The state has a general boundary and an intercontinental border with the Pakistan at the north –western border. There are two deserts in this state. One is north side of Kachchh and the other desert in between Kachchh and the Gujarat. Mainlands are salty ravages. The Gujarat State has very long shoreline of around 1600 kms and this shoreline is the greatest amongst all states of the country.

Gujarat is tremendously very important tourist place in India. The one of the best civilization in India is the Harappan civilization that is found in Lothal of Gujarat. Ahamedabad is the biggest city of Gujarat. It provides the unique Indo-Sarcenic architectures. There are wonderful temples in Palitana of this state .These temples are in Jain styles.Buddhist caves are found in Junagadh and Rajput architecture is found all over Gujarat.

The Calico textile Museum is supreme textile museum in the world that is found in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad city is the indication of its rich tradition of crafts. Gujarat contains wonderful and well gifted beaches .Ahmedpur Mandvi is the very famous and very good attraction of beach resort. Gujarat has a very good place for various Indian tribes the Kutch area of this state is most famous as’ the abode of the Indian tribes’.

Gujarat is also popular for prosperous wild life and variety of birds. Gujarat is well known as the heaven for wild life lovers. Highly rared Asian lions are found in Gir National Park. Gujarat is most popular destination for the pilgrims of all over the world. Dwarka is the place of history related to Lord Krishna and it is the most blessed site for Hindus.Somanath Temple contains one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of lord Shiva. The most popular Modhera Sun temple also found in Gujarat State.