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Valentine’s Day: What exactly is it all about?
It is considered to be the traditional day for lovers, yet few know what Valentine’s Day is all about. Did you know that Valentine’s Day was officially ticked off the Roman calendar in the year 1969, by the existing Pope at that time because he thought it was not appropriate or appreciable as a Saint’s day anymore?
Apparently the day was first begun in the name of Saint Valentine, who was one of the martyrs during early Christian times. Actually the name was derived from about fourteen different martyred saints at that point of time, around the year 491 A.D. It is not even sure that whether
the day is for one saint or many, however, legends claim that he was a Roman priest who was martyred during the rule of the king Claudius II for helping Christian people getting married and for advocating love. However, not much is heard about his life, and through these hazy concepts the idea of love and Valentine’s Day came through.

The concept of the day was made prominent during the Middle Ages, when courtly love was one of the most fashionable things to do in the world. During the times of Geoffrey Chaucer, romance was in the air and the concept of Saint Valentine aiding and abetting lovers to marry and love became a rage and in the end the entirety of Europe was sold on the concept of love and happiness. It grew and through time it became a day for lovers to gift each other items and favors and make merriment by drinking good food and wine. Valentines Day
Today, it is one of the biggest occasions to buy cards and gifts for your loved ones, and a day when you can propose to the person of your choice. The day is also an occasion for couples to spend some time together in each other’s company, and forget their differences over the time. It is spread across the world now, and though time and again someone might point a finger at the helpless romance of it all, it is still a day of love and the celebration of it.

Valentines Day: 14th Feb (Every Year).

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