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Sonepur Mela 2012, Sonepur ka Mela, Bihar
Sonepur Mela - One of the Biggest Indian Cattle Fair Organized since Ages.
Sonepur situated on the confluence of the holy rivers Ganga and Gandak, has the reverence of a blessed ground and lasts for a fortnight. Sonepur Mela is considered to one of the largest fair in which more than two million cattle are sold. And it is also considered as one of the biggest fair of cattle in this world. This event is carried out every year on the banks of the river Gandak and Ganges River. Basically it is an historic event and it is been organized every year by the people of Bihar since number of decades.
The Sonepur Mela is organized on the back drop of the temple of the Sri Harihar Nath. According to the Hindu calendar number of people in the month of Kartik takes dip in the holy water and offer worship in the temple.

This Sonepur Mela has its origin from the ancient times and is most awaited event for the people of the Bihar who deal in cattle. This fair was actually started by the Chandragupta Maurya who used to be the most powerful ruler. Basically Chandragupta Maurya used to buy number of horses, camels and elephants from across the Ganges River. In the ancient time the Sonepur Mela used to attract number of cattle dealers from the central and other parts of Asia.
Nearly any animal can be bought from the Sonepur Cattle Mela that is from all the breeds of camels to dogs to buffaloes, ponies, donkey’s monkeys, Persian horses, chimps, sheep, bears, rabbits, guinea pigs and cats. Each and every variety of fishes, poultry and birds are easily available over here. The area which attracts almost everyone is the area where elephants are lined up for sale. The Sonepur Mela is the only place where the largest numbers of elephants are sold in the whole world.
Sonepur Mela Bihar
There are also numbers of different stalls which are also opened in the fair of Sonepur. One may find a huge variety of goods on these stalls, which ranges from the garments to furniture and weapons. Utensils and number of other agricultural implements to handicrafts and jewelry are also available. Another attraction is numerous animals decorated for the purpose of sale.

How to Reach: Sonepur is 25 kilometers from Patna(capital of Bihar). You have to board a rail to Patna or Hajipur station. From Patna or Hajipur you can hire taxi or auto for Sonepur Mela.

Sonepur Mela (Fair) in 2012: in Kartik Purnima (November).

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