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Pushkar Mela : Pushkar is an important destination. It is situated in the state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan has various places which attracts the tourists. Pushkar is one of them. Pushkar has its own grandeur and attracts the tourists from world over. Pushkar is a holy city. In all over the world, Pushkar is popular for its camel festival. Thousands of people come to take a dip in the Pushkar Lake during the Pushkar mela. Pushkar is located 13 kilometers from Ajmer. It is situated on the banks of a lake. The city has around 400 temples. Pushkar has also the uniqueness for the fact that it has the only temple devoted to Hindu God of creation Brahma.

The Pushkar Mela is organized in the month of November. The town becomes
full of activity during the mela. Many a people come to witness the famous Pushkar camel fair which is the largest in the world.

The celebrations: Pushkar Mela is celebrated with a lot of excitement and fan fare. There is frenzied activity during the mela. The whole town comes alive. There is ample display of the Rajasthani culture and tradition during the mela. Sporting events like the camel race is also organized. People camp in the town to participate in the various sporting event going on in the town. The Folk dancers with their unique dresses attract the crowd. There are thousands of cattle in the mela. There are bulls, the cows, goats, horses and of course the camels in the festival. It is estimated that around 1 lac people visit the town of Pushkar during the mela.

The trading during the fair: Pushkar mela also promotes trade. The unique objects made in Rajasthan are for sale. For example, the brass ware, cloths, Camel saddles, necklaces, pottery etc. are traded during the fair. Thus the mela also helps in promoting the trade. Therefore it helps the local population to have a means of livelihood.

Religious significance of Pushkar Mela: Pushkar is one of the five main religious destinations of Hindus. It is full of temples. Around 400 temples exist in the town along with 52 ghats. Pushkar has also the only temple of Hindu God of creation, Lord Brahma. People take a holy dip in the water during the festival. It is believed that around 300 Gods come to the Pushkar lake to take a holy dip.

Pushkar Mela : from 18 to 27th November 2012.

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