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Kerala Boat Race, Nehru Trophy Boat Race Kerala in 2012
Nehru Trophy Boat Race on 14th August 2010 at Punnamada Lake, Alappuzha, Kerala. Nehru trophy boat race is a popular game held in Punnamada Lake near Alappuzha in the state of Kerala, India. The boat race is also known as snake boat race because of the shapes of the boat. It is the most popular event during the whole occasion. The event is held during the most popular festival of Kerala; Onam. The race is a huge attraction among the foreign tourists who especially come to Kerala to witness the event. The boat race is held on the second Saturday of August every year. The boat race has been recognized as an international event as there are a huge number of foreign tourist who come to India to witness the event.

The history behind the construction of the snake boats: The King of Alleppey (Alappuzha) lost a war with the neighboring king. He found out that the main reason of the defeat was the shapes of the boat. Therefore he spied on the neighboring king to understand the construction of the boat. After this the boats were made in a better way and in the shapes similar to snakes. From there these boats were christened snake boats.

The History behind the boat race: When India's first prime minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru visited Kerala in 1952, he was welcomed by people of Alleppey escorted by huge snake boats. Mr. Nehru got excited by this welcome. He liked the snake boats. He then declared a trophy to be given to the winner of the race every year. The trophy is a replica of the snake boat. The snake boats are generally 135 feet in length and are made of special wood. The boat race is being organized every year and the trophy awarded has been named the Nehru trophy.

The celebrations on the day: The celebration is marked with folk dance and songs and music in course of the boat race. The entire atmosphere becomes electrifying with these songs and dances. There is a sense of thrill and excitement. The entire atmosphere is that of great excitement and activity. For people of Alappuzha, it is a single most important event. This has become a part of their community life which they celebrate with lot o fervor. There has been commercialization of the activity as well. The boats are now sponsored. These boats are nearly 135 feet in length which is huge. To manage the size of the boat, each boat has 100 rowers. They compete very tough in order to win the race.

Tourism: The boat race is a huge attraction for both national and international tourists. A lot of international tourist flock to Kerala for this event which is an add on the great natural beauty of Kerala.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race : Nehru Trophy Boat Race 8 August, 2012
Venue:Punnamada Lake, Alappuzha, Kerala, Location: Alappuzha/Alleppey in Kerala.

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