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Shri Krishna Janmashtami Festival in 2012
Janmashtami a very big festival of Hindus is also recognized as Gokulashtami popularly. Basically this festival marks joy of the celebration of the most powerful god of Hindus that is Lord Sri Krishna. Lord Sri Krishna was born in a star known as Rohini nakshatram. And his father was to King Vasudeva and his mother was Devaki Devi. Lord Sri Krishna was born on the eighth date of the gloomy fortnight of the month of Sravana. This festival is also known as the Jayanti of Lord Sri Krishna and Krishnashtmi all over the world.
Basically it is considered that Lord Sri Krishna is the eighth avatar
(incarnation) of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is basically one of the three major gods of Hindus on earth. In actual he is considered to be the most glorious incarnations. It also considered and said that the remembrance of the Lord Sri Krishna with true heart and feelings brings lots of joy in your life and this is because Lord Sri Krishna himself was a very big sign of manifestation of joy in almost all levels of life and in almost all walks or in all circumstances of life. In fact there is no other god in Hindu religion or any other religion that is associated with number of romantic tales.

Since Lord Sri Krishna lived lavishly or in luxury for the whole time of his life, that is why the Jayanti of Sri Krishna is celebrated all over the world with lots of pomp and brilliance. Numbers of sweets are especially prepared on this day. Among these especial sweets are chakli, laddus, payasam (kheer), and cheedai and so on. And in addition to sweets number of milk products like butter is also prepared. It is said that butter used to be one of the most favorite food of Lord Sri Krishna in his childhood. A large variety of fruits are also offered. Shri Krishna Janmashtami Festival
But amongst all the most common sweet which one can find anywhere are payasam and laddus. Lord Sri Krishna used to charm everyone with his leelas.

Krishna Janmashtami Festival in 2012: Friday, 10 August.

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