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Indian Independence Day (15 August)- Day of Pride and Honor
August 15, 1947 midnight is one of the most memorable midnight for each and every Indian present on earth, as this was the time when their country India gained complete independence from the strong hold of the powerful British. This day the suppressed tri color flag of India was given its due respect after being hosted by the political leaders of India.
Since then this day is celebrated with the pomp and gaiety all over India. The predominant affairs of this day are number of cultural programs and flag-hoisting ceremonies which are carried out all over the India in order to symbolize the freedom.

Almost every citizen indulges into the remembering the national heroes who sacrificed their lives in order to gain the freedom from the strong hold of powerful British rule and pay homage to them with their hearts full of love and mind full of respect.

In all the offices, schools and colleges or universities across India, no academic work is carried out on the Independence Day, but all the students and teachers of the educational institution or any government office remain present at their work place and celebrate the day with joy. A kind of social gathering is organized at the offices and schools and colleges wherein numbers of cultural activities are carried out and flag hoisting ceremony is also carried out with respect and joy.
The flag hoisting ceremony should be carried out in their
Indian Independence Day
respective premises. And in most of the places the flag is hoisted by the head of the institution of office like mostly by the principal in college or school and in any government office it is hoisted by the chief pr senior officer. While the flag is being hoisted the students sing the national anthem and this way they pay value or esteem to their national flag and also uphold the power or sovereignty of our country. There are number of television programs which are telecast on the day of independence. Most of the people sit at their homes and enjoy them.

Indian Independence Day in 2012: Wednesday, 15th August.

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