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Know Our India- Holi Festival 2013

India is a land of colors and it has got the mixing of many races and bloods to create a united conglomerated front which is not only a unique brand of its own but a true concept of humanity as well. Holi is one of the best examples of this event, where the entirety of India lights up together and creates around themselves a happy day of fun and frolic. The tradition of Holi began with the Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu, who was a playful God and loved adding colors to the lives of people. The day of Holi is traditionally celebrated not only in India but also in other countries with a hefty dose of Indians in its population, like in United Kingdom, USA, Trinidad, South Africa and Suriname. The day is officially held on the final day of the full moon in the month of Falguna the second last month according to the Hindu calendar.

Holi Festival

Holi is also considered to be a ritual when the evil Holika, a sister to the king Hiranyakasipu, who tried to kill her nephew Prahlad, who was a devoted follower of the God Vishnu. When she was on the verge of killing Prahlad by burning him, he escaped the fire miraculously chanting the name of his Lord while Holika was burnt to death. This is why the day before Holi often a bonfire is set up and an image of Holika is burnt.

There is yet another story about the day of love which was to celebrate the beautiful Radha and her love of Krishna. This is the accepted story given in North India, where in certain areas like Mathura and Brindavan, the ritual of Holi is a sixteen day affair of colors and love.

There is another less known story that indicates that it was Shiva who begun the ritual by burning the physical body of Kamadeva, the God of physical love. But later for the sake of his wife, he gave her a mental image of the God, to state that spiritual love is higher than anything else.

Holi Festival in 2013: Wednesday, 27th March.