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Hanuman Jayanti Festival, Hanuman Jayanti 2012
The auspicious event of Hanuman Jayanti is a notable ceremony to mark the arrival of Hanuman on earth. Known to all through the auspicious Hindu epic Ramayana as the great savior, Hanuman is a strong and mighty character who showed incredible courage under fire and remains the favorite God of many in India. He is the monkey god, and in the Northern part of India, he is widely accepted and celebrated for his heroic deeds. His birth is celebrated in the month of Chaitra, the final month in the Hindu calendar.
A devotee of Lord God Rama, Hanuman is an example of unshaken loyalty and incredible support. During
this day, the followers of the deity come to the Hanuman temple to give the Lord his due in honor.

Hanuman is most famous for bridging the gap between India and Lanka and flying across the Indian Ocean to make sure Ramaís wife Sita was all right. He was Ramaís messenger to Sita and vice versa and kept Rama updated about the condition his wife was in and if she was suffering or not. He was not afraid of Ravana, and nearly burnt down the castle of Lanka in a brave act of courage when the King Ravana put his tail on fire. For this he is loved by all, and during the day of his birth people go to the Hanuman temple to offer good food Hanuman Jayanti Festival
and other stuff to them. Hanuman was a strong God, able to move mountains and fly through the air, and he is worshipped for that. A lot of young men who adopts Brahmacharya or a period of time where they do not want women around them worships Hanuman and reads the Hanuman Chalisa to keep away from the temptation of meeting and knowing women.

The Godís body is generally covered in red sandalwood paste or sindur which then is smeared on the devoteesí foreheads, generally by the priests, and then food and drinks are offered to him. The festival is greatly celebrated in the state of Maharashtra on the final full moon day in the month of Chaitra. However, some contradict and put the date on the month of Asvin on the new moon day.

Hanuman Jayanti Festival in 2012: Friday, 6 April.

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