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Govardhan Puja 2012, Govardhan Festival, Govardhan Puja in India
Govardhan Puja is an auspicious festival celebrated a day subsequent to laxmi puja (Diwali). This festival is celebrated generally by the Hindus in the northern states of India particularly in Punjab, Haryana, Uttarpradesh and Bihar. People celebrate this day to reverence Lord Krishna with Govardhan parvat who saved the life of the entire village. Lord Krishna saved all men and beasts by raising Govardhan parvat (Mount Govardhan) which is near Biraj by single finger for seven days.
This day is celebrated after the noisy day of Deepawali. When the entire nation celebrates diwali night with noisy crackers the people who are the believers and followers of lord Krishna, especially in Brindawan, Mathura and other linked villages spend their entire night preparing meals which is the Bhog
for Lord Krishna. They prepare around fifty six or hundred and eight kinds of dishes. This religious occasion is named as Annakut which means mountain of food. Here both men and women prepare food for lord Krishna's favorite meals. The meals could have any vegetarian dishes with pulses, cereals, vegetables, sweets, milk products, salads, chutneys, etc.

There is an ancient history associated to this day. It is said that residents of Gokul renowned this day in respect of Lord Krishna, who is the supreme power and want to seek his blessings for prosperity. This day is celebrated towards the finish of the monsoon period. During Krishna's budding up days, he asked populace to stop worshiping Lord Indra, the God of rain. He said that it was the mountains which helped bringing rain. Lord Indra got angry as people stopped worshiping him. In revenge and to demonstrate his supremacy over Lord Krishna, he started a rain storm which flooded the entire country side and this shivered the people. On seeing this Lord Krishna assured the people that there would be no harm. He raised the Govardhan Parvat on his small little finger moreover gave shelter to all men as well as beasts. After this Lord Indra, established the ascendancy of Lord Krishna.

So on this day after bathing the idols of gods with milk, they are decorated with beautiful dresses, flowers and dazzling ornament made of precious gems. Then people worship the God by singing bhajans in the admire of Lord Krishna. All the fruits, sweets and other bhog (dishes) are arranged in the appearance of mountain, which is placed previous to the idols. Subsequent to the prayers are completed, the Bhog is distributed as prasadam to devotees.

In some parts of the country were people don't find krishna temple, they pray to the lord at home. They give daan ' offerings' to the Brahmin priests and celebrate in their own way at home.

In rural places, people prepare cow compost hillocks to symbolize Govardhan parvat. They decorate this through flowers and rangoli. After this people worship the hillock as they move around this cow dung hillock and offer flowers and pray to Govardhan parvat. On this day cows are also worshiped and decorated beautifully.

Govardhan Puja (Festival) Date: Wednesday, 14 November 2012.

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