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Indian Festival: Dhanteras in 2012
Dhanteras Festival: Dhanteras is an auspicious day and is celebrated by hindus all across India. Dhanteras is observed on the thirteenth day of dark fortnight and in the month of kartik which fall in the month of October November. This day is celebrated in honour of Dhanavantri who is the phycisian of all gods and incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This day is celebrated 2 days before Deepawali and is considered a very auspicious day to buy gold and silver.
As the name is Dhan which means wealth and tera means thirteen so it is the thirteen day of month which are the dark days in the month of
Kartik. People beautifully decorate their houses and the entrances by colorful and traditional rangoli. People welcome Goddess Laxmi by making her small footprints with vermilion and rice flour. Beautifully painted and decorated clay idols of Goddess Laxmi and Ganesha are bought and prayers are performed in all houses. People lit clay diyas ouside their homes to keep out all bad omens and spirits.

After many years, Brihaspati who was Indra's teacher went to Lord Brahma to find a way out. He said that sea of milk was to be churned. As the job was not easy, demons where needed for assistance and Mandara Mountain had to used as a churning rod. The king of snakes, Vasuki was needed as a rope. As the sea was churned along there were few things which were produced as a result of rigorous churning of the ocean. At the end Goddess Laxmi was standing amidst the waves over a fully blossomed Lotus and a garland of lotus on her neck, and holding a lotus in her hand. Dhanteras Pooja
The legend of Lord Krishna: On the day of Bhai Duj, Lord Krishna visits the house of Subhadra after killing the demon Naraksura. Subhadra welcomes her brother and offers flowers and sweets along with Aarti. After that she puts a protective spot on the forehead of Lord Krishna. From that day onwards the tradition of bhai duj is coming on.
Elephants sprinkled her with the holy water 'Ganga'. The Sages recited hymns and the apsaras danced as the gandharvas sang. Everybody looked in surprise, when Goddess Lakshmi put the Lotus garland around Lord Vishnu's neck. After that she gave a kind look to Indra, and he acquired radiance. Then again the demons and gods continued to churn the sea for Amrit. At last Dhanavantri emerged holding a jar of ambrosia. Asuras as well as the devas wanted ambrosia. But Lord Vishnu managed to hold the immortal nectar and gave it to the Gods and so the asuras were defeated. So the churning of the sea resulted in the emergence of Goddess Laxmi.

This day is celebrated to bring in good fortune and luck and so many people start business or buy precious metals. This day there is huge rush at stores as people purchase something for their home and especially for their kitchen.

Dhanteras Festival Date: Sunday, 11 November 2012

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