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Festival of Vaisakhi in 2012, Baisakhi Mela Celebrations
For the people who live in northern parts of India, especially those who follow Sikhism, Vaisakhi (Baisakhi) is one of the mega events. It is basically a religious festival or you can say harvest festival or the New Year's very first Day all completely rolled into one. In the month of April this day basically marks the Hinduís solar New Year. In fact, this day is the one which is celebrated as New Year day everywhere in India but with different names.
For the people of Sikh community, the festival Baisakhi really has a very particular or special meaning. Baisakhi was the day on which their last and
tenth Guru who is Guru Gobind Singh actually organized or planned the Sikhs into a new form that is known as Khalsa in 1689. The reason behind creating the Khalsa was to eliminate the differences which were emerging between the high and low class people. Basically Khalsa emphasized on equality of the human beings. It says that all human beings are equal. It also offers the feeling of unity amongst classes.
Actually the people of Sikh community assign quite a very different significance to the festival of Baisakhi, and if you are at any Punjabi village on the day of Baisakhi you will find number of people, most of them would be men performing bhangra dance. And this gives clear picture in your mind that bhangra is a dance which is performed only by men. This strenuous dance basically reveals the complete story of all the agricultural process, which starts from plowing of the barren soil to harvesting of the crop.

Vaisakhi Festival Punjab
People of Sikh community worship the crops and soil in their very own manner. As the person who plays dholak (drum) changes the beat and people dancing progresses in their dancing sequences this dramatizes all the agricultural processes. On this festival they all make lots of delicious dishes to make the day more joys. The colorful outfits of the people are really very attractive and they really make you feel healthy.

Vaisakhi Festival in 2012: Friday, 13th April.

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