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Lotus Temple India, Bahai Lotus Temple Delhi, India
The Lotus Temple, situated in Delhi, India is also known as The Bahai House of Worship. It is called The Lotus Temple because of its lotus shaped structure. It was completed in the year 1986 and serves as a popular tourist attraction. It is primarily revered for its architectural styles. It has won many awards for its architectural excellence gaining heights of respect and reverence.
As emphasized in the Bahai texts and followed in all Bahai temples of worship, it is open to all religions and allows people of all religions to worship under one shade. Following the pattern of the Lotus flower, it consists of 27 free standing marble
clad patterns, which are arranged in clusters of three in order to form nine sides. This is with regard to the stipulated design made by Abdul Baha who is the son of the founder of the temple. According to him, all Bahai places of worship should bear a structure that consists of a nine sided circular shape. According to the Bahai Scriptures no pictures, statues or images can be placed within the House of Worship. There can also be no pulpits or altars within the Bahai House of Worship as an architectural feature. There are nine doors to the Lotus Temple. Each of these doors opens into a large hall that has the capacity of accommodating 25000 people. The surface of this hall, also known as the central hall is 40 meters tall. The surface of this hall is made up of white marble.

The architect of this extraordinarily designed structure is Fariborz Sahba who is an Iranian, now living in Canada. The Lotus Temple is located in the village of Bahapur which is situated in New Delhi. Since its inauguration in 1986, The Lotus Temple has attracted crowds of all religion and cultures making it one of the most important tourist spots of the city.
The Lotus Temple is a reflection of the modernity that the field of architecture has attained in the present era. Delhi being a city of cultural amalgamation, the Red Fort is a representation of the ancient heritage of Delhi while the Lotus Temple is a representation of its modern counterpart. A visit to the city of Delhi is one of wonder and enchantment, a city that has a mix of cultural, regional variety to such an extent that one needs to see it in naked eyes in order to believe it.
Lotus Temple India Picture
The Lotus Temple is such an example that is a reflection of peace and sanctity in the midst of modernity. A visit to this temple can calm ones senses and energizes ones spirit. It is surrounded with lush green gardens and pools –a sight which is soothing to even perceive. The quietness and serenity is what is attractive to this place—a quality that leads people to visit the place more than once, a quality that is rarely found within the humdrum city life in the modern urban metropolis. But the city of Delhi provides us with a temple welcoming one and all.

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