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About India Gate Delhi, India Gate India
India Gate : Delhi is one of the developed metropolises of India. It is largest among the entire metropolis in terms of its area and second largest in terms of its population. It is modern in every way, with respect to fashion, food, education and culture. The ironical part of such a modern metropolis is that it has history written on its face as anyone turns a nook or a corner. Here empires were built, destructed, battles lost and won, with invasions and, migrations. Delhi forms a culture that is mixed and hybrid. Without racking ones brain as to find an answer to the identity of Delhi, what one should try to consume the cultural flavours of
the city? This can be done with the visit to the monuments and the historical places, places which are the reflection of the cultural depth of a city.
The construction of India gate was done in order to honour those brave soldiers who had lost their lives during the First World War. The First World War took place within the span of 1914 to 1918. The foundation stone of the India Gate was laid by Edwin Lutyens in the year 1921. It took a time span of ten years in order to complete its construction. It commemorates around 90, 000 soldiers who represented the British Indian army and fought for the Indian Empire. Earlier it was named as the All India War Memorial Due to the idea of honouring the India Gate Picture
soldiers, the India Gate is regarded as the most popular War Memorial of India. The names of all those soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War are etched out on the walls of India Gate.

The Pakistani aggression took place in the year 1971. The soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the country during this aggression were also honoured by building another War Memorial for them. If we describe the appearance of the War Memorial, it looks like a rifle in an upright position along with a helmet that is perched on top of the rifle. It is called the Amar Jawan Jyoti, The word 'Amar' means 'immortal','Jawan' refers to the 'soldiers' while 'Jyoti' refers to 'light'. India Gate is situated near Connaught Place in New Delhi. In short it can be termed as the 'immortal flame’. Made up of sandstone, India Gate is a symbol of the modern Delhi. It is the place to take a walk with snacks in one hand, and a camera in another. Ready to pose and click pictures whenever the mood arises. A visit to the India Gate is like a picnic that people usually go in vacation in order to have a charming time. Being situated in the heart of the city, there are enough food stalls, restaurants and a shopping market for the food and the shopping lovers respectively. In a visit to Delhi, a visit to the India Gate is a must with its lush green fields, water fountains along with a direct view of the Raisina Hill that houses the Presidential Palace. acting as an added attraction. India Gate is subversion of the Red Fort that is a symbol of the old charm, a structure echoing 'history' from every pore. Hence, a visit to the India Gate followed by a visit to the Red fort will reveal the binary opposite polarity of the culture of Delhi.

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