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Information About Delhi , Tourist Places in Delhi, India
Delhi is one of the developed metropolises of India. It is largest among the entire metropolis in terms of its area and second largest in terms of its population. It is modern in every way, with respect to fashion, food, education and culture. The ironical part of such a modern metropolis is that it has history written on its face as anyone turns a nook or a corner. Here empires were built, destructed, battles lost and won, with invasions and, migrations. Delhi forms a culture that is mixed and hybrid. Without racking ones brain as to find an answer to the identity of Delhi, what one should try to consume the cultural flavours of
the city? This can be done with the visit to the monuments and the historical places, places which are the reflection of the cultural depth of a city.

Major Tourist Spots in Delhi:
Jama Masjid India Picture India Gate Picture
Rashtrapati Bhawan: The president's mansion is situated on Raisina Hill in the center of Delhi, overlooking the green lawns around India Gate. This elegant building, is truly worth seeing, for its architectural beauty and historic significance. The beautiful Mughal Gardens of Rashtrapati Bhawan, which are open to the public in spring, are an added attraction.

Parliament House: Located in Central Delhi, this elegant building with its wide pillared walkways and large halls, is worth a visit, to see the corridors of power where India's lawmakers and statesmen decide the future of India.


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