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Arunachal Pradesh is famous state of India. This state is lightly crowded, mountainous zone. Arunachal Pradesh covers the area of 83,573 kilometer square in India. This state is very wealthy in power, fauna, mineral and flora potential. Earlier days this state was recognized as the North East Frontier Agency (NEFA), which was one of the divisions of the Assam state.This state as three sides which are covered by self-governing countries and also in the south side this state is surrounded by Assam and Nagaland. This state has Myanmar on the eastern boundary, Bhutan on the west and Tibet region of China on its northern boundary.
The population of Aruanchal Pradesh is primarily tribal in nature and it has around 20-26 main tribes.

These tribes are again separated in to various sub tribes. The major tribes in this state are Nishi, Adis, Tagin, Apatani, Khampti, Mismi, Wancho, Noite, Tangsha, Wancho,Monpa,Singpho,Aka and Sherdukpen. These principal tribes use their own languages to speak. The main cultural and social actions of this state are connected with the tribal life.

The festival forms are the part and parcel of the tribal people. In this state the festivals are celebrated during the entire year. Many of the festivals are associated to agriculture and these festivals are celebrated in a good method. Usually these festivals are celebrated because of two reasons. One is to pray for very good harvest and the other is to say thanks to god because of his great interference. Traditional Dance is the important part of these festivals.

Arunachal Pradesh is famous for its Agriculture. The irregular farming is known as Jhuming, this is the main point in this state. This type of cultivation is practiced by many of the people in Arunachal Pradesh. The main crops of this state are maize, millet and Paddy. The vegetables in this state are brinjal, sweet potatoes, chillies, ginger, cucumber, local cowpea and pumpkin.oranges, Pine apple, lichi, lemon, banana, papaya, almond and peach walnut are also grown in Arunachal.

Arunachal Pradesh is very famous for its bamboo and cane items because the bamboo and cane are available in huge quantity. The cane and bamboo are used to prepare cane belts, wonderful basket mats, jewellery, attractive smoking pipes etc.

Arunachal Pradesh is also recognized as ‘Land of the Dawn –lit-Mountains’. This is the first earth in India to welcome the morning sun. Arunachal Pradesh has an exotic wildlife, unfathomable forests, arresting hills, enchanting flora and fauna, pictureseque valleys, charming lakes and snow covered mountains. It makes the Arunachal Pradesh very beautiful.

Some of the tourist attractions in this state are-

  • Namdapha tiger project forests
  • Bamboo bridges
  • Sela Lake
  • Rukhmininagar near Roing
  • Malinithan in Lekhabali.

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