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Char Minar, Charminar in Hyderabad, India
Char Minar, Hyderabad: Located in Hyderabad, Char Minar is the most well famed mosque of the city. If translated, Char Minar literally translates into “Four Towers” or “The Tower of the four Minarets”. The very name of the monument or the mosque is an exemplification of the structure that consists of four Minars that looks towards the heavens. The four Minars apparently refers to the first four Caliphs or Khaliphas of Islam.
The story that influenced the construction of the Char Minar is many. One story says that it was built by Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah who was the primary ruler of the city at that time. It is said that at some
point of time, the city was beseeched with plague. On observing the plight of the common people, he prayed for their well being with the eradication of the present situation. Subsequent, to the fulfillment of has prayers; he had supposedly ordered the construction of this mosque at the very place where he had sat for his prayers. The second tale is of the opinion that Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah had built the Minar dedicating it to his beloved wife. The third story says that it was built in order to mark the intersection of the four roads of the city. Nevertheless, it could be that all the stories are simply a myth or it could also be that all the stories have some truth into them as none of them stand in contradiction to one another.
Without giving undue attention in the research of the actual purpose behind the construction of the mosque, it will be better to observe the way the present city of Hyderabad sprang up around the mosque keeping the mosque as the centre of attraction. Situated at the heart of Hyderabad, the Char Minar is an important religious emblem attracting commoners and visitors alike from all corners of the country. The mosque has witnessed the growth and prosperity of the city as it changed its form, shape, culture with the rolling of time Charminar Images
from one decade to another. The reverence of Char Minar to the city of Hyderabad can be equaled to the significance that the Statue of Liberty has to the city of New York.

The materials used for the construction of the mosque are a hybrid of mortar, lime and granite blended together. The area surrounding the Char Minar is famous for its market of pearls, the jewellery that the city of Hyderabad is famous for. The areas like “Char-kaman” and “ Mitti-ka –sher” are known for their kundan jewellery, enamel jewellery, temple sarees, pieces of silver, pearls and crystals. Even the pearl market is well famed for the variety of the designs and patterned jewellery. The influence of western designs has been witnessed over the years on the pearl jewellery that were only made according to traditional style in the yester years. In short, the monument of Char Minar is a compulsory visit for all those visiting and exploring the city for the first time.


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